My Lymphedema

My leg Lymphedema started in Spring 2009 at the age of 36. I hurt my back lifting a heavy shopping bag onto the basket on my bicycle and a couple of days later I noticed the foot and lower leg started swelling. Some say this was coincidence but I feel sure the injury was what triggered it, although it has probably been lurking always.

I have had a Lymphoscintigraphy that showed some, but not much, flow in my lymphchannels.

I wear a thigh-high custommade compressionstocking grade 3 (40-50) from Medi and a custommade toecap grade 2 (30-40) all waking hours. I currently get two sets per year. In my stockings I have a pad sewn into it on both sides of the ankle just above the heel as fluid tends to build up a lot there.

I recieve MLD from a lymphedema therapist apr. every three month plus the wrapping sessions when I am wrapped for a number of days (with MLD every day) before being measured for new stockings.

At home I have a LymphaPress Mini compression pump that I use most evenings.

During the night I sometimes wrap the whole leg with Comprilan short stretch bandages, but I recently got a Jovipak slip-on nightgarment that I am getting to know.

I have had Cellulitis once, see this post.

I am not overweight and there is no history of Lymphedema or swollen legs in my family.