Sunday, 9 November 2014

New book about people with Lymphedema

There is a new book out with stories and pictures of real people with Lymphedema. Its title is "Impressed by you" and it is published by the Dutch Lymphedema Network NLNet. It has been a huge success already with more than 2000 copies sold and now it has been published in English too. It contains stories from children, teenagers, women and men explaining what Lymphedema and Lipedema is and how it affects their life. The people behind the book wanted to put some light on Lymphedema and Lipedema but with the help of real patients instead of doctors and therapists. The idea is to present the people in the book as the strong and beautyful individuals they are and not as patients or victims and from what I have seen of the book they have really succeeded in doing just that. How refreshing!
The book also provides background information and an introduction by a doctor within lymphovascular medicin.

You can learn more about the book and also buy it here.