Monday, 13 October 2014

Hats off to Kathy Bates!

The talented actress Kathy Bates has become the spokeswoman for LE&RN - Lymphatic Education & Research Network. After a double mastectomy two years ago she now has Lymphedema in both arms. I am so sad to learn this but her situation is similar to so many other women out there, including some of you reading this. I think Kathy Bates is so cool for speaking up and coming out about having Lymphedema. I have often wondered what famous people did when developing Lymphedema. Hide in embarasment I suppose since one never hear about celebrities with Lymphedema. Ingrid Bergman had and also Elizabeth Edwards but apart from that I don't know of anyone.
I really hope Kathy Bates will succeed in bringing focus on Lymphedema and the challenges we have. If you want you can listen to her story here.

If you too want to help educate others about Lymphedema you can download and print my little flyer and give it to who you think could benefit - ie your family doctor, your biglegged next door neighbor, other clinics, the notice board at the local supermarkets or somewhere else. Find the link here

I am sorry it's been so long. I have been so busy but I have lots to tell you and show you. I got a job, yay! I have started working in a markting department where I will be making product sheets, updating homepages, designing ads and brochures etc. etc. My new colleagues are very nice and my office is comfy. My days are long though as I have some commuting. I get up at 5.45 and I am home at 5.30. Still, I am so relieved that I am, at least for now, is out the stinky swamp that looking for work is that I don't care about the journey back and forth.