Monday, 16 June 2014

I've got sandals, yay!

I recently bought these leather sandals that I am hoping I will be wearing a lot this summer. I was inspired by Hutch’s picture in this post and when I saw these I thought I had to check them out and see if it would work. I think they look very femine and simple, perhaps a little girlish. My Lymphedema foot does look big but I will only wear them with long trousers anyway so perhaps it will be allright. I wear a toecap so I can't wear opentoe sandals/shoes but these ones hides it enough while it still provides some air for my feet.

I got them in two different sizes, one size for each foot and I am selling their lonely partners on eBay. If you want you can check them out here.
They are US 7 (right) and 8 (left). UK sizes are 5 and 6 and European is 38 and 39.

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