Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tip for arm lymphers

To my page about Shopping for Lymphedema wear there is a comment from a reader with arm Lymphedema, asking for advice about clothing. I thought about a loosefitting, baggy top under a stylish corsage in order to provide room for her arm and maintaining shape on her upper body not to mention looking stylish. I really think a long sleeved baggy top takes the non-decency right out if the corsage and makes it look rather elegant. One could have a number of tops to combine with the same corsage. What do you guys think? Please throw a comment!

Something like this. This one has a lace-up back. I found it here.

With a top a little like this under, perhaps without the thing in the middle.
I found it on eBay but lost the link (I searched for chiffon top).

Or this one, that I got for myself a little while ago.

It would probably look a little like this, only more
baggy over the bust, which I think would look nice.

I also found some funky bustiers/corsages here.

I wonder if one could use a strappy top over a baggy top instead of a corsage, or if it would look too bulky. I might give it a try and see how it goes, will let you know. 

Friday, 7 March 2014


Hi everyone! I am sorry it's been so long.
I have some breaking news. Breaking news for me.

I have met someone. A sweet, loving, gorgeous, kind man. He doesn't care about me having Lymphedema and about my poxy stocking. My horrible secret. The first couple of times we were together he didn't even notice it! I did do my best to hide it though, as silly and insecure as I am when it comes to my Lymphedema and the stocking. However, when he discovered he was not disgusted. At all. We talked about it and since then he has told me many times that it doesn't matter. And it really doesn't. Unbelievable! I can potter around in my stocking and put it on in front of him and he has even looked Lymphedema up and read a little about it! Life seems easy now. No hiding. No horrible secret. What a mindblowing and unreal relief! I never thought this would happen. In the years that have passed since my Lymphedema started I have sometimes wondered if I should ever feel the nearness of someone again this way. Now I do.
Who knows what the future holds but if this should end I will be warm inside when looking back at it and at him and the fact that he thought I was beautyful and wonderful and that he saw right through the dodgy packaging and into what I have to give. I feel so lucky.

The other day I spend the afternoon together with Sophisticated Tina. She looked more stylish than ever with a really cool haircut - very short on the sides and a little longer on the top, dyed black. A  fauxhawk. A little bit like this or this. I think she is so cool for daring to have such a hairstyle at 50! And she really pulls it off. As we were sitting in a coffeeshop I was expecting some style agent to come over and discover her any minute. We walked around in the city for a bit and checked out a couple of shops. She is really good at spotting potential outfits and I felt almost encouraged to shop again, or at least investigate.

I am listening to this song. It is in Danish but check it out anyway. It is a beautyful and intense ballad about trusting your destiny and love while lifes little electric shocks pushes your around. If the link above doesn't work in your country try this one. It is slower but still beautyful.