Saturday, 8 February 2014

Odd size shoes

Yay, I have sold two Converse sneakers and one Sorel boot on eBay, to buyers in France, Russia and England!

I have put my other odd-size shoes up for sale too, but as these are not universal like Converse and Sorel I am selling these in pairs. Check them out here. In the individual ads I have put in the US sizes as well as European and UK. They are the partners of the shoes that I use for myself so these are unused.

Last week I started on a yoga course for people with cardiac or lymphatic disfunctions and it was allright. I think it will be even better in the weeks to come. There were six of us and three of us have Lymphedema. I have seen one of the others in the patient association. The instructor is a Lymphedema therapist so she knows about the lymphatic system, Lymphedema and the troubles we as Lymphedema patients can have so I think it is going to be good.

These are the shoes I am selling on eBay - click on the pictures to check them out on eBay: