Friday, 6 December 2013

Update on Dad

Hi all, I'm still here, sorry I don't post much anymore, I've got so much on my plate these days.

Here comes a little update on my Dad who, while I was in hospital in Spain last year, was in hospital at home having surgery for Melanoma: Now he too has Lymphedema. The swelling started soon after he came home but he hasn't done anything about until recently.
My Dads way of coping with many things is to pretend they didn't happen, sort of, or wait till someone else takes action. It works well much of the time. When he was in hospital having heartsurgery (also last year – what a year for him, and us) he would sit in the visiting area in his own clothes, hiding the monitoring device that he was hooked up on under his shirt. Sweet, isn't it? I understand he needed to feel as if nothing was wrong, I guess that was how he could cope. Afterall it was a scary situation.
Anyway, until recently he has handled the swelling by acting as if nothing was wrong. He refused to look into compression stockings and treatment until some months ago when he went for a check-up at the hospital and the nurse told him that she really thought he should get some stockings. I said something in the beginning but I didn't want to push him, afterall it is his choice and I know that one has to be ready. It took me a while to be ready when my Lymphedema started. Some months ago he talked to his GP about it and compression stockings have being applied for and granted. It is the best thing even though his leg is not all that big. I did notice it back in the summer when he was sitting crossed-legged and I could see his ankles, one was definitely bigger than the other. I think it has gotten worse during the last six months or so.
So now he is to contact his local fitter and get his measurements taken but who knows when that will be.

Last week I made a beautyful jelly from what I think are crab apples. I stumbled upon them one day I was out walking. I have never seen such apples before – they are the size of a cherry – and when I came home I googled them and I am quite sure it is crab apples. A couple of days later I went back and picked a small portion. The trees looked so beautyful in the winter sunlight.


  1. hey..sorry to hear that about your dad. bu heard from many people before the sooner you get treatment then you can get it to be temporary. so maybe mld would be good too? i have primary like you too. my mother has it too and my grandmother also. th way my mother handles it sounds a bit similar to your father. in my mothers case it is a pitty: hers isbetter then the morning it is gone...mine isnt anymore due to small injury. she would be so much better with stockings cus in the end of the day she is so tired... but like you say we can not force them...take care!!!

    1. Hi there, thanks for writing. I guess MLD would be good too but I think the most important is the compression stockings. You are so right about the sooner the better and I have tried to tell him but in the end it is his choice.
      Take care

  2. Glad to hear from you again, sorry to hear about your dad. My mother has developed a problem similar to lymphedema mainly in one leg, but her doctor said it's more likely a varicose vein problem than lymphedema. She's had terrible varicose veins all her life - had surgery to strip a lot of them when she was only about 25 - and though I haven't had the same trouble the circulatory issues may be what gave me lymphedema. Anyway, she also finally got compression stockings prescribed but wasn't wearing them all the time when she was out and about, took them off before going to the gym and so on. I told her she should be wearing them while shopping because that was a lot of her moving around for the day and why waste the chance, and she said, "But it's a nuisance to put them on in the gym!" My silence stretched on for a while....finally she said, "Yes, I guess you're right." Ha.

  3. Hi Elaine,
    it must have been so helpful that you could suggest Lymphedema even thought it wasn't but if it was it could have been the difference between ever being diagnosed and get help, or not. I am glad she finally saw the writing on the wall and started wearing the stockings more, even though they sure are a nuisance to put on, he he :-)