Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Still here...

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry for not updating for so long. It sounds crazy but since I lost my job I have been more busy than in many, many years! I have joined a network for active jobseekers and I attend their activities two days every week. Then there is all the other things - refining my LinkedIn profile, creating on-line CV's, writing jobapplications, researching on new ways to go etc. I could do with a holiday!!

My big, annual wrapping session is coming up, I have made appointments for nine sessions in late October. Dreading it... I am going to see if I can get some shoes that I can wear when wrapped instead of my trekking sandals which don't look very stylish with socks in, I feel.

I just got this cool jacket below from H&M, I am really pleased I got it. The fitted style goes well with baggy/widelegged trousers, creating some shape. It is getting colder here but with a bit of luck I can still use for perhaps another month.

A couple of months ago I got this stylish denim jacket which I am really glad I got. Something different with the zippers instead of buttons. I wore it to a christening a couple of weeks ago with a maxidress and my Chucks, sorry about the blurry picture.

The maxidress I got from Asos a couple of years ago.


  1. Job hunting is not for the faint of heart - good luck!

    Yes, I'll probably be wrapping in October too and like you, I'm not looking forward to it, especially since October/November is my favorite season here and I want to move freely to enjoy it. But I'd also like to time things so I go through summer next year with a new stocking and not an old one, so it would be nice to be into a new stocking by November. We'll see - that would also mean I had to wrap in May, which would tie up both my favorite seasons.

    1. Hi Elaine, I hope your wrapping session went well and that you still got to enjoy your favourite season. There is never a good time for wrapping, I feel, but it's got to be done.

  2. Hi there

    Good luck with your job hunting!

    I am reading your blog for some time..(Sorry for my English, I'm from Europe ;-)..

    I have had primary lymphedema in both legs for the last seven years and I'm in my mid-twenties now. Althought I am getting better at wearing my stockings every day, I'm still having difficulties to accept the lymphedema..So I'm always looking for other treatment options ;-) This week, I found an article about a potential drug to cure lymphedema..They are still experimenting with mice though and I guess it takes a lot of time to develop a drug..I also think that such a drug is not economically profitable, because there aren't a lot of people with lymphedema. Thought this might interest you anyways..

    1. Hi Lala, thanks for writing :-) Your English is really good and I'm from Europe too :-)
      Thanks for the link. The prospect of a drug is interesting, how wonderful it would be to take a pill and the Lymphedema would be gone... However, like you say, a drug would not be profitable so we might never see it. Other deseases are too profitable to find a cure for, how sick is that.
      I too know about the difficulties of accepting Lymphedema and I imagine the younger one are the harder it is. My thoughts go out to you. It is good that you are getting better at wearing the stockings. For me there is no choice, I have to put them on first thing and take them off as I go to bed.
      Warm regards,