Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Wide legged pants for Summer

As I may have mentioned I have recently found lots of good stuff on eBay and the other day I did a quick search of wide leg pants. Loads came up, check out these:

Chiffon flower pants, £11.90, ships worldwide.

I quite like these ones, they look comfy and I think the oversize pockets are cool. $38 incl. postage.
Baggy harem pants.

I think these look very stylish. Seems see-through, but black might work. Cool buckle, eh? $23 incl. postage.
Baggy pants.

While the first pictures are from eBay reader Hutch tipped me about a great site, Etsy, and a seller there with some beautyful clothes. I really like these and they look like they are good quality too. Green trousers, $69.99, from SophiaClothing (on Etsy).

I think they all look great like this but I imagine one could tuck the ends down some high-top sneakers like the personal shopper told me to do on the picture below. At least the first two that are not as wide as the Etsy trousers. I wear the outfit below a lot and I am still amazed of how normal my leg look this way. I really think this is one of the best tips the personal shopper gave me. That and working with contrasts so that trousers, top and cardi/jacket are different colours.

Outfit from the personal shopper.

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  1. LOVE the Baggy Harem Pants.

    Sorry not sure where to post this..have you tried rebounding? If so how did it work?

    1. Hi Angeline, thanks for writing! Yes, they are great, aren't they? Some of the links in the post no longer works but as I clicked them I was presented with new, gorgeous styles! I am definite going to get some, both for normal wear and for when wrapped.
      Yes, I have tried rebounding and it is good! I have a mini trampoline that I used a lot some years ago, been thinking about getting it out again. I found that my leg got a tiny bit smaller but more so the tissue got softer which provides for better flow. I think I have a post or two about rebounding, try and click the label (over to the right) called "rebounding". Rebounding is considered very good for the lymphatic system and if you do a search on YouTube you will find lots.
      Take care,

  2. I do deep water jogging. Working wonders to help with circulation. Plus side is I loose weight and feel so energized. The fact that I am running is so freeing. I am looking for a bounder to work at home on days I just can't get to the pool.

    1. Hi Rebecca, thanks for writing! I recently tried aqua gymnastics and I too found that the jogging was wonderful for my leg. Indeed, one feels so free when in the water, and the pressure of the water is good for our legs. A rebounder is great to have at home, I am going to get mine out again!
      Take care