Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Chucks, now on eBay!

I still have the lonely partners of the Converse sneakers I got last year and I have finally managed to put them on eBay, what an ordeal! You can find them here. I send worldwide (except the usual navy bases etc.). They are brand new and the sizes are 6.5 (left) and 5 (right). You can buy one or both.
Mine have been hiding all winter but are about to come out of the closet as Summer is approaching. I find that they can go with many outfits catering for us, fx. a long dress or some wide leg pants/trousers with the ends tucked into as I talked about in the previous post.

This year I am going to wear them with - among other things - the items below.

I haven't bought these yet but I think I will.

 I have added a couple more suggestions for wide leg pants in this post here.


  1. Very pretty dress. You inspire hope with your creative fashion.