Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Chucks, now on eBay!

I still have the lonely partners of the Converse sneakers I got last year and I have finally managed to put them on eBay, what an ordeal! You can find them here. I send worldwide (except the usual navy bases etc.). They are brand new and the sizes are 6.5 (left) and 5 (right). You can buy one or both.
Mine have been hiding all winter but are about to come out of the closet as Summer is approaching. I find that they can go with many outfits catering for us, fx. a long dress or some wide leg pants/trousers with the ends tucked into as I talked about in the previous post.

This year I am going to wear them with - among other things - the items below.

I haven't bought these yet but I think I will.

 I have added a couple more suggestions for wide leg pants in this post here.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Wide legged pants for Summer

As I may have mentioned I have recently found lots of good stuff on eBay and the other day I did a quick search of wide leg pants. Loads came up, check out these:

Chiffon flower pants, £11.90, ships worldwide.

I quite like these ones, they look comfy and I think the oversize pockets are cool. $38 incl. postage.
Baggy harem pants.

I think these look very stylish. Seems see-through, but black might work. Cool buckle, eh? $23 incl. postage.
Baggy pants.

While the first pictures are from eBay reader Hutch tipped me about a great site, Etsy, and a seller there with some beautyful clothes. I really like these and they look like they are good quality too. Green trousers, $69.99, from SophiaClothing (on Etsy).

I think they all look great like this but I imagine one could tuck the ends down some high-top sneakers like the personal shopper told me to do on the picture below. At least the first two that are not as wide as the Etsy trousers. I wear the outfit below a lot and I am still amazed of how normal my leg look this way. I really think this is one of the best tips the personal shopper gave me. That and working with contrasts so that trousers, top and cardi/jacket are different colours.

Outfit from the personal shopper.

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Thoughts on my bout of Cellulitis

In my hospital bed last year with my first – and hopefully only – bout of Cellulitis I would feel that it was my own fault and that it was silly venturing on a trip like that altogether. In hindsight things often look differently, don't they. I was ashamed. I thought that I should have seen it coming. The friction between the toecap and my skin causing blisters, and blisters being a very real risk of infection. I guess I thought I was immune to infection as I had not had it before and my health is generally quite good.
Anyway, a text message from my little brother made me see things differently. He wrote:

There is nothing to be ashamed of - on the contrary - hats off for trying to push the limit and taking a chance :-)

It had not uccured to me to look at it that way. Then I wrote something I no long remember and he replied:

What is important is that you know that the world will go on even though you end up in a boring hospital for a couple of weeks.

After that I stopped beating myself up about my uncautiousness. Also, my Lymphedema therapist and my fitter both knew that I was going and neither of them advised me to not go. In fact my fitter recommended me some tape to protect my skin. I guess that growing older has made me more insecure and prone to blaming myself even when it is not my fault, at least not completely.
Having said that, I should have been more careful but I no longer see it as completely irresponsible to go. I should have brought bathing slippers for showering in the various hostels. I should have respected the blisters I got and I should have brought some antibiotics, but I know that now. Before the trip I had never had Cellulitis before and didn't know how much or how little it takes but I do now and in the future I will be more careful.
We must be careful but we must also live our lives. I am dreaming of new adventures and I do worry about the dangers that lurks in regards to having Lymphedema. There will be some challenges but life is too short to miss out on adventures because of being scared of Cellulitis.

I am curious of to what antibiotics you guys bring with you on travels or keep at home to fight Cellulitis. I'd appreciate if you would place a comment with the names of the products. All readers can benefit from this and this way we can help each other. Thank you.

Check out Lauras comment from February 7 in this post, it has some good tips on staying clear of Cellulitis and it is an eyeopener to how little it takes to get it. I can't link to the comment itself but scroll down and you will find it. Check out the other comments too.