Saturday, 23 February 2013

Wide winter boots

Oh dear... eBay is going to be the end of me. I have a long list of things I'd like to buy. Tops, coat, necklace, wallstickers, yoga-mat – what have you... I am going to order a couple of things next week when I get paid but I will have to control myself. Not sure I can be trusted with a credit card. Lucky for me I like porridge...

I stumbled upon some winter boots that I wanted to show you guys as I indeed know how hard it is to find something warm, comfy and wide when having Lymphedema.

I imagine these could be good for even real big Lymphedema feet and legs (or when wrapped) as the laces makes them adjustable. I am not sure if the laces go through the front bit but if needed one could just not do that, if you know what I mean. These cost $13.99 and have free shipping worldwide. They might be available even cheaper from other sellers. Don't worry about them coming from China, I have purchased lots of stuff from over that way, it takes about three weeks and I haven't had any trouble. Be aware of customs though, it applies to some countries. Find the boots here.

I also found these ones below. They too look warm and comfy. They are only $10.16 and ships worldwide for free. Get them here.

So I write about my life with Lymphedema on a blog in my own language too (same stuff as here) and I have arranged a little get-together tomorrow for readers of the blog. We are having sushi in a restaurant on the top floor of a hotel that has great views over the city. Sophisticated Tina is coming plus four others so there is going to be six of us. I am looking forward to meet the others. And the sushi, of course!


  1. Thanks for sharing your finds. I was just at checking out what they offer for footwear. That is so great about your get together! I think that is a wonderful idea and hope it will go really well for you all. :)

    1. Thanks Christina, it was a wonderful day at the get-together. This weekend I am going to the annual patient weekend, also looking forward to that. I hope you are well :-)