Saturday, 23 February 2013

Wide winter boots

Oh dear... eBay is going to be the end of me. I have a long list of things I'd like to buy. Tops, coat, necklace, wallstickers, yoga-mat – what have you... I am going to order a couple of things next week when I get paid but I will have to control myself. Not sure I can be trusted with a credit card. Lucky for me I like porridge...

I stumbled upon some winter boots that I wanted to show you guys as I indeed know how hard it is to find something warm, comfy and wide when having Lymphedema.

I imagine these could be good for even real big Lymphedema feet and legs (or when wrapped) as the laces makes them adjustable. I am not sure if the laces go through the front bit but if needed one could just not do that, if you know what I mean. These cost $13.99 and have free shipping worldwide. They might be available even cheaper from other sellers. Don't worry about them coming from China, I have purchased lots of stuff from over that way, it takes about three weeks and I haven't had any trouble. Be aware of customs though, it applies to some countries. Find the boots here.

I also found these ones below. They too look warm and comfy. They are only $10.16 and ships worldwide for free. Get them here.

So I write about my life with Lymphedema on a blog in my own language too (same stuff as here) and I have arranged a little get-together tomorrow for readers of the blog. We are having sushi in a restaurant on the top floor of a hotel that has great views over the city. Sophisticated Tina is coming plus four others so there is going to be six of us. I am looking forward to meet the others. And the sushi, of course!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Farrow Wrap

I recently got a Farrow Wrap to use on the lower leg over my Jovipak nightgarment as I feel the nightgarment itself hasn't done all that much. I know that many of you know about the Farrow Wrap but for those who don't it is a kind of bandage made of a number of strips assembled in the middle, closed with Velcro. It looks like this:

In the time just after I was diagnosed nearly four (OMG!!!) years ago I had a similar product, it was from another manufacturer and called CircAid. So now I've got this one and I've used it for a few nights. It is not bad at all. There is definitely a difference to see upon taking the bandage off in the morning, the swelling is somewhat less. The Farrow Wrap I have covers the lower leg only so the knee and upper leg has no extra compression. For a couple of nights I applied a roll of bandage on the knee before putting on the Farrow Wrap and it worked, the lower leg and knee both looked real nice in the morning. However, my foot went numb during the night and I had to take off the Farrow Wrap and the roll on the knee. Perhaps I tightened the FW too much. Perhaps it was because I don't have enough compression on my foot compared to the leg.

Applying my nightgear is a little cumbersome, I feel. It is not at all comparable to a full wrap though but no longer a "slip-on" solution either. First I put some pads in strategic places to put extra pressure on the forefoot and bones on the side of the ankle joint, then the Jovipak, then the "jacket" that comes with the Jovipak, next a roll of bandages on the knee and finally the new Farrow Wrap. It takes maybe five minutes whereas a full wrap takes me about twenty minutes or so, so it is still an improvement, timewise.

On the picture below I have it all on. I am so incredibly sensitive on the bones on the side of the forefoot, that's why the "jacket" is not covering the foot, my fitter have adjusted it. It is not the greatest in relation to most pressure must be on the foot, so I put some pads on the forefoot, under the Jovipak, it works somewhat. I use my Easy-Slide to put on the Jovipak with the pads inside. I have a post about my pads here.

I don't think I have posted anything about the new nightgarment I got, the second Jovipak. The new one is longer and covers the hip, which is what I need now. The last six months or so I have had a bulge just over the top of the compression stocking and the new garment somewhat addresses this. It looks like this:

Last Friday I went to an awesome concert with a great Swedish band, Bo Kaspers Orkester. They are very popular overhere. I love their laid back, jazzy tune and curious lyrics. If you want, you can listen to a couple of their songs here and here and here. They sing only in Swedish which would make no sense to most readers here, but I guess you can still enjoy the music. Swedish is related my language but I don't understand everything either. Hutch, do you know and like them?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

More eBay

I like eBay more and more. You can find anything on eBay, and at a good price too. At least compared to where I am where most things are expensive due to taxes. I am not complaining as I appreciate what I get for my taxes but who doesn't want to save money?
Anyway, I just wanted to share my latest purchases from this online temple with you guys:

I thought I needed something colourful to spice up my plain tops and bring attention to my upper body and these scarfs will do the trick. I just ordered them so haven't recieved them yet. I find the price unbelievable – the scarfs below all cost less than $5!

You can find the beige scarf above here.

Find the white and blue scarfs above here.

I also recently got a unit for hiding cables, boxes for paper storage, stuff to eliminate silverfish and a hair donut - now I just gotta learn how to use it.

And this gorgeous top that I'm really looking forward to using come Summer. The quality is not all that great but on the other hand it didn't cost much so when it is finished, it is finished.


Things I am looking forward to:
  • Going out for a meal with my Tai Chi buddies tonight. Good people.
  • My baking course. Haven't booked it yet but will soon.
  • Spending the weekend in my sofa armed with Mad Men and left over desert from my Birthday.