Thursday, 24 January 2013

Shopping for jeans

Hi again, sorry it's been so long, I have been so busy.
I am 40 now. I had a wonderful party in my flat on my Birthday and I spend most of my sparetime since New Year clearing out, cleaning, getting a couple of new bits and making preparations for my big day. I had a lovely day and everything went really well. It was a sort of reception where people could come and go and it worked really well. I had prepared champagne, sushi, cheese and homemade Tiramisu which all went down a treat. I had some lovely presents, the best one was a baking course that I am really looking forward to go to.

As promised I am posting a little tutorial of how I shop for jeans. Since my Lymphedema started I haven't bought a pair in a shop. Especially these days it is close to impossible to find a pair of wide legged jeans and so I find it is much easier to shop on places like eBay. eBay is for shops as well as individuals and you can find new as well as used items.
I haven't actually bought jeans on eBay yet but on a similar site that is only available to my country and on a smaller scale. This is what I would do if I decided to shop for jeans on eBay, which I may very well do one of these days.
You must have an eBay account before buying. It is free and easy to register.

Once you have your account go to or and type in "jeans" in the search box and hit "enter".
You will now see all the jeans that are for sale on eBay. There is a lot and you don't want to see them all, only the ones that are relevant to you. Click on "womens clothing" (or "mens clothing for men of course)".

Then click on "jeans".

You now have various options to further limit your selection. You can chose to see only jeans marked fx. as "wide leg". Also indicate the size you are looking for and perhaps condition. I have highlighted the ones that would be important to me. You can also indicate brand, price etc., which is very handy.

 Now you have all the jeans that match your criterias.

Let's say I fancy the "Silver Jeans STARR Wide Leg Pants". Clicking on the picture I get to see more about the product and the option to bid or buy. It is important to check if the seller ships to your country. If you use and click "advanced" you can choose to view only items that ships to your country, this is very handy. Also make sure to check the shipping costs as they can be quite steep if shipping fx. from America to Europe. The shipping costs are not included in the price of the item itself.

Scrolling down you will see more information about the jeans.

Now to the most important bit. Do they fit? You can never be 100% sure untill you try them on but I have had good results asking the seller for three measurements: The waist, the length from crotch to foot and finally the leg width at the slimmest place. Usually that is at the knee. As the length vary a lot from person to person I have started to ask for the width 53cm from the waist which is where I know my knee sits in most styles. Get a pair of jeans or trousers out that fits you and measure them, then you know how wide your new jeans need to be.

I keep a little table with these measurements on all my jeans and so I can easily compare the styles and figure out what might work when I shop this way.

You can create a bookmark so you can easily find the jeans again but you also get a link in the e-mail you get when the seller replies to your questions.
Some sellers chose to sell their products by auction where you have to bid and others don't, then you just click "buy now".
Do you have any tips on shopping for wide legged jeans? Bring 'em on!