Friday, 6 December 2013

Update on Dad

Hi all, I'm still here, sorry I don't post much anymore, I've got so much on my plate these days.

Here comes a little update on my Dad who, while I was in hospital in Spain last year, was in hospital at home having surgery for Melanoma: Now he too has Lymphedema. The swelling started soon after he came home but he hasn't done anything about until recently.
My Dads way of coping with many things is to pretend they didn't happen, sort of, or wait till someone else takes action. It works well much of the time. When he was in hospital having heartsurgery (also last year – what a year for him, and us) he would sit in the visiting area in his own clothes, hiding the monitoring device that he was hooked up on under his shirt. Sweet, isn't it? I understand he needed to feel as if nothing was wrong, I guess that was how he could cope. Afterall it was a scary situation.
Anyway, until recently he has handled the swelling by acting as if nothing was wrong. He refused to look into compression stockings and treatment until some months ago when he went for a check-up at the hospital and the nurse told him that she really thought he should get some stockings. I said something in the beginning but I didn't want to push him, afterall it is his choice and I know that one has to be ready. It took me a while to be ready when my Lymphedema started. Some months ago he talked to his GP about it and compression stockings have being applied for and granted. It is the best thing even though his leg is not all that big. I did notice it back in the summer when he was sitting crossed-legged and I could see his ankles, one was definitely bigger than the other. I think it has gotten worse during the last six months or so.
So now he is to contact his local fitter and get his measurements taken but who knows when that will be.

Last week I made a beautyful jelly from what I think are crab apples. I stumbled upon them one day I was out walking. I have never seen such apples before – they are the size of a cherry – and when I came home I googled them and I am quite sure it is crab apples. A couple of days later I went back and picked a small portion. The trees looked so beautyful in the winter sunlight.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Still here...

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry for not updating for so long. It sounds crazy but since I lost my job I have been more busy than in many, many years! I have joined a network for active jobseekers and I attend their activities two days every week. Then there is all the other things - refining my LinkedIn profile, creating on-line CV's, writing jobapplications, researching on new ways to go etc. I could do with a holiday!!

My big, annual wrapping session is coming up, I have made appointments for nine sessions in late October. Dreading it... I am going to see if I can get some shoes that I can wear when wrapped instead of my trekking sandals which don't look very stylish with socks in, I feel.

I just got this cool jacket below from H&M, I am really pleased I got it. The fitted style goes well with baggy/widelegged trousers, creating some shape. It is getting colder here but with a bit of luck I can still use for perhaps another month.

A couple of months ago I got this stylish denim jacket which I am really glad I got. Something different with the zippers instead of buttons. I wore it to a christening a couple of weeks ago with a maxidress and my Chucks, sorry about the blurry picture.

The maxidress I got from Asos a couple of years ago.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Approaching a stranger with Lymphedema

About three weeks ago I passed a lady on my way home, she had really big legs. As in humongous! Her lower legs must each have been the size that my head is, if not more! For some reason that I don't understand she was wearing capris – and no compression stockings. My heart almost skipped a beat and I slowed down and got off my bike. I wanted to talk to her but she was on the phone and also looking like she was waiting for her lift to show. She kept talking and meanwhile her lift turned up and off she went. What a disappointment! I was upset as I carried on not having talked to her.
Next day I printed some of my Lymphedema flyers, looked up six doctors in her area (I saw her outside a building that I imagine she lived in) that she would be likely to belong to and posted them. From then on I cycled that way home every day, hoping to see her again.
Weeks passed and I didn't see her, until Monday this week. I couldn't believe it and nearly fell off my bike! I was SO close to chicken out and leave but I knew I would have been so disappointed if I did, so I went up to her and said "Hi, I can see that your legs are quite swollen, I wonder if you have ever been checked out for Lymphedema?". She said no!! I said that I thought this was what she had and that she could get treatment. I quickly explained that it was a condition in the lymphatic system and that I had it myself. It didn't seem like she had ever heard the name Lymphedema before. I wrote it down for her and she said she would ask her doctor.
I was in a state when I saddled up and cycled home. Ecstatic for having talked to her but also very angry at her doctor for not knowing about Lymphedema and not helping her. She must have been late 30'ties or early 40'ties and her legs looked like they had been neglected always.
Anyway, I am glad I got to speak to her and I really do hope she will get treatment now.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Guinea pig

The week before last week I was a guinea pig for future Lymphedema therapists in training. It went well and they were all very sweet. Upon arrival I had a chat with the teacher, a Lymphedema therapist from a clinic in Germany, so she knew a little about me and my Lymphedema. Then I undressed and the students had the opportunity to look at my leg and ask questions. Then they took turns touching my legs, feeling the difference between the good and the bad leg and they had a go at manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). They were very gentle with me and often asking me if I was OK. Finally the teacher did a quick bandaging demo on me.
As a thank you I got the beautiful bunch of flowers on the picture, I thought that was a nice gesture.

You would think it would be slightly intimidating to lie only in your underwear and being looked at and groped by 15 strangers but it wasn’t. I felt completely at ease. Afterall they were physiotherapists and accustomed to dealing with people in a warm, non-judging and understanding way. That's what's so great about professionals working with hands-on treatment. They like people and are not repelled by abnormalities. They are aware of the person inside.

At the Q&A session with the therapists one of them said something like "so you don't have any major inconveniences of it?". I was a bit taken aback by that one. Having Lymphedema is for me one huge problem. However, I don't have pain, restlessness or a feeling of heaviness like many others and I have also only had Cellulitis that one time last year. I heard myself saying "no, it's mostly minor things." I guess it is but it doesn't feel so. For me it is a sorrow that I can't wear a short summer dress, sandals, smart long boots. That I can't just go swimming in the sea. That I must be careful not to get Cellulitis. That I have to buy two pairs of shoes each time and they still don't fit. That something happened to my body so that it now looks different and I can't do anything about it. That I feel like an elephant. Compared to lifethreatening diseases I am whining over nothing. No one can see that I have Lymphedema, at least not from a first glance. (And no one can see what a job it is to create the illusion that nothing is wrong...). Perhaps this was a reminder to once again try to turn down the selfpity and look at all the things I still can and maybe even explore new possibilities (now with valuable learning curves - and antibiotics - in my pack...).

I hope you all are well. Tomorrow I am going on a little trip with my parents to the western part of my country, just for a couple of days. It's been nearly 30 years since I was in that area so it's going to be good. I am also looking forward to spend some time with Mum and Dad.

I lost my job through more than 11 years. My workplace is closing down and from early August I will be looking for new opportunities, as they say. I do hope I will find something soon but I doubt it. Hard times in many professions including mine (graphic design). I guess it was about time for a change. One that I couldn't get around to make myself but now it has come for me.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

New shoes

The sale is on and I just recieved as much as six pairs of shoes! However, I send two back and ended up with two usable pairs in two different sizes, one size for each foot. They were very reduced and I think they are nice and light for Summer so I got a pair in white and one in blue.

I have been asked by the leader of the lymphedema therapists overhere to be a sort of crash test dummy when new therapists-to-be are doing a training course next week and I said yes. I think the leader, who I know briefly, is going to do a wrapping demo on me and perhaps show the students (who are trained physio therapists) how to do MLD. I will let you know how it goes.

I forgot about this fine song but the other day it popped up in my head. Do have a listen, it is beautyful.

Overhere everything is so green and lush and the most delicious produce is in season. I have made some beautyful rhubarb compote to use in trifles, it is heavenly! Also thinking of making some elderflower vinegar. The smell of elderflower is the smell of Summer...

They are 39 and 40. I think the difference shows less IRL.
No one but myself will notice.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Print, send, help

For the cost of a stamp everybody can help raise awareness about Lymphedema, how to recognize it and what to do about it.

So many Lymphedema patients are never diagnosed because too many doctors don't know about this condition. I have created a flyer about Lymphedema that those who want can download (for free, of course) print on their own printer and send or give to doctors or others who could benefit from learning about Lymphedema, how to recognize it and what to do. Download the flyer here. It is only the very basics as I am thinking that once they have a clue what might be up with their big-legged or big-armed patient there are plenty of medical sites, books etc. where they can find more information.
I once gave the three doctors in the practise where I go a leaflet each that I had from my patient association. The board of the patient association have been discussing sending leaflets to all practises in the country but I think they ended up deciding against it as it would be too costly. Anyway, I am thinking that with this flyer we can all be ambassadors and help doctors etc. understand Lymphedema so that more patients can be diagnosed and get help. I hope some of you will want to print it and pass on. Download it here.

You can print as many as you like, the more, the better. I am planning to find a list of doctors in my area and send a bunch.

I placed three flyers in an A4-sheet so please cut along the dotted lines.

If anyone out there is interested in the flyer in other languages, feel free to translate the text, e-mail it to me on and I will place it in the layout and upload it so that it is available for downloading and printing like this one.

What do you think?

Monday, 27 May 2013

Overview of Surgical Treatment for Lymphedema

Sniffing around I discovered a very recent video about surgical treatment for Lymphedema, check it out here.
The video explains various types of surgery including Lymphavenous Anastamosis, lymphnode transfer and liposuction (SAL).

The video is quite long, I scribbled down a couple of index points that I found particularly interesting:

11:30 Information about Lymphatic Detour aka Lymphavenous Bypass aka Lymphavenous Anastamosis. I believe these terms covers for the same procedure.
19:00 Candidates for the above type of surgery.
20:20 Information about Lymph node transfer.
23:30 Disadvantages of Lymph node transfer.
45:55 Question from the audience about whether a patient with Lymphedema for many years can be a candidate.

Despite the challenges listed at 29:19 I personally still think that the LVA (Lymphavenous Anastamosis) is very interesting and that shall be very interesting to see what the future holds regarding this.
I should have some news soon from Miss C who was to have the procedure earlier this month. I am hoping to catch up with her next week, can't wait to hear about her progress.
If I one day was to have this surgery I know it wouldn't solve all my problems and that I would still have to wear a compression stocking but the thought of wearing skirts that are not floor long again and perhaps long, smart boots like I used to wear makes me dream...

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Patient weekend 2013

More or less the view from my room.

A couple of weeks ago was the annual members weekend of the patient association overhere. It went well, I had a good time. Tina was there and a couple of others I had met before and even more that I had seen before. Tina, myself and a couple of others formed a little group who sat together at meals and hung out, it was really good. I think we were all 38-48 years old.
Lymphedema wise there wasn't really much news which was disappointing as I think lots is going on around the world, ie the LVA-operations. I made a suggestion that they have a surgeon come and talk about the developements in this field next year.

My room was overlooking the sea, or rather a strait between two islands, and two magnificent bridges. I really enjoyed that.

It was good to be with Tina again, she looked fabulous, as always. She is a wizzard when it comes to finding clothes that works around her bad leg and altering it so it fits and no one can see she has Lymphedema. Even if I had her talent I don't think I would succeed as the difference between my two legs are bigger than hers. She wears relatively tight pants and jeans, on me the difference would show if I did that. I can't wait to go to the personal shopper again but the one that I want is not back from her leave until December so I think I will wait. Could do with some new input.

There were many patients there with arm lymphedema due to BC surgery. Alltogether many more Secondary than Primary, but we were there! In our little group was a youngish woman in her late 40ties suffering from Primary Lymphedema most in her lower legs but starting to show its ugly face in her hands too, well actually most of her body, including her face. There was also a lady who had lymphedema in her genitals, she stood up and spoke about that. Quite brave, actually.

There was also a really sweet 50-year old lady with enormous legs. She had Primary Lymphedema in both legs. She may very well be the most positive and happy person I have ever met. I chatted with her and she said that some years ago she had suffered from stress and had a real hard time with her Lymphedema flaring up crazily and coming out on the other side nothing could ever throw her again. She was so in peace with herself and really seemed to cherish the fact of being alive. An inspiration!

For Saturday nights entertainment a line dance event had been arranged. It was good fun. Not all could do it due to our condition but most of us had a go. A lady who is there every year, about 50 years old I'd think, with Primary Lymphedema in most of her body - not that you can really tell - and lots of other health issues going on - really went all in and had a blast. It was so good to see. She had dressed up real nice and despite all her very serious illnesses she was dancing, laughing and having fun as if there was no tomorrow. Refreshing and indeed inspiring!

I really do recommend joining a patients group if at all possible. It really means a lot to meet people in the same situation. One can feel like the only person in the world with this akward condition but you know what, there are millions of us out there. On Wiki it says as much as 140 million people! Mindblowing.

That's all from me today. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Chucks, now on eBay!

I still have the lonely partners of the Converse sneakers I got last year and I have finally managed to put them on eBay, what an ordeal! You can find them here. I send worldwide (except the usual navy bases etc.). They are brand new and the sizes are 6.5 (left) and 5 (right). You can buy one or both.
Mine have been hiding all winter but are about to come out of the closet as Summer is approaching. I find that they can go with many outfits catering for us, fx. a long dress or some wide leg pants/trousers with the ends tucked into as I talked about in the previous post.

This year I am going to wear them with - among other things - the items below.

I haven't bought these yet but I think I will.

 I have added a couple more suggestions for wide leg pants in this post here.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Wide legged pants for Summer

As I may have mentioned I have recently found lots of good stuff on eBay and the other day I did a quick search of wide leg pants. Loads came up, check out these:

Chiffon flower pants, £11.90, ships worldwide.

I quite like these ones, they look comfy and I think the oversize pockets are cool. $38 incl. postage.
Baggy harem pants.

I think these look very stylish. Seems see-through, but black might work. Cool buckle, eh? $23 incl. postage.
Baggy pants.

While the first pictures are from eBay reader Hutch tipped me about a great site, Etsy, and a seller there with some beautyful clothes. I really like these and they look like they are good quality too. Green trousers, $69.99, from SophiaClothing (on Etsy).

I think they all look great like this but I imagine one could tuck the ends down some high-top sneakers like the personal shopper told me to do on the picture below. At least the first two that are not as wide as the Etsy trousers. I wear the outfit below a lot and I am still amazed of how normal my leg look this way. I really think this is one of the best tips the personal shopper gave me. That and working with contrasts so that trousers, top and cardi/jacket are different colours.

Outfit from the personal shopper.

To new readers; I'd be ever so grateful if you would vote in my little unscientific survey about Lymphedema and diet overhere to the right. Thanks :-)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Thoughts on my bout of Cellulitis

In my hospital bed last year with my first – and hopefully only – bout of Cellulitis I would feel that it was my own fault and that it was silly venturing on a trip like that altogether. In hindsight things often look differently, don't they. I was ashamed. I thought that I should have seen it coming. The friction between the toecap and my skin causing blisters, and blisters being a very real risk of infection. I guess I thought I was immune to infection as I had not had it before and my health is generally quite good.
Anyway, a text message from my little brother made me see things differently. He wrote:

There is nothing to be ashamed of - on the contrary - hats off for trying to push the limit and taking a chance :-)

It had not uccured to me to look at it that way. Then I wrote something I no long remember and he replied:

What is important is that you know that the world will go on even though you end up in a boring hospital for a couple of weeks.

After that I stopped beating myself up about my uncautiousness. Also, my Lymphedema therapist and my fitter both knew that I was going and neither of them advised me to not go. In fact my fitter recommended me some tape to protect my skin. I guess that growing older has made me more insecure and prone to blaming myself even when it is not my fault, at least not completely.
Having said that, I should have been more careful but I no longer see it as completely irresponsible to go. I should have brought bathing slippers for showering in the various hostels. I should have respected the blisters I got and I should have brought some antibiotics, but I know that now. Before the trip I had never had Cellulitis before and didn't know how much or how little it takes but I do now and in the future I will be more careful.
We must be careful but we must also live our lives. I am dreaming of new adventures and I do worry about the dangers that lurks in regards to having Lymphedema. There will be some challenges but life is too short to miss out on adventures because of being scared of Cellulitis.

I am curious of to what antibiotics you guys bring with you on travels or keep at home to fight Cellulitis. I'd appreciate if you would place a comment with the names of the products. All readers can benefit from this and this way we can help each other. Thank you.

Check out Lauras comment from February 7 in this post, it has some good tips on staying clear of Cellulitis and it is an eyeopener to how little it takes to get it. I can't link to the comment itself but scroll down and you will find it. Check out the other comments too.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Lymphaticovenous Anastomosis (LVA)

Hi again, sorry it's been so long!

I completely forgot I hadn't told you about my get-together with countrymen suffering from Lymphedema. It went really well. There were six of us and we had a lovely afternoon together. I had met two of the others before, Sophisticated Tina and Miss C. It was good to meet and be with the other three as well. Good to share information, discuss various matters and generally just being with others in the same boat as myself.

One of the others, Mr. O, suffers from secondary Lymphema after melanoma and last year he travelled to Germany to have surgery, a Lymphaticovenous Anastomosis (LVA). Previously he had been doing a great amount of research into Lymphedema surgery and found that this one was the best. The procedure has been a success and he offered us all the information we could take in. We were all very interested.
After that day I have a different perspective of Lymphedema surgery. I used to think that this would not be happening in my time. I knew that there had been trials and that operations had been performed but I thought it was too risky, too expensive and overall lightyears from being an option for ordinary people. I now know that it is not so. Lymphedema surgery has – from what I understand – developed a lot in recent years and is now much more advanced and much safer than only a few years ago. Even a hospital near me is about to start doing it (Herlev Hospital)!

This type of surgery was developed by a Dr. Isao Koshima in Japan. Doctors from all over the world is learning this method now. You can read more about it here.
You can also download some articles I got from Mr. O. here.

The surgery itself takes 4-6 hours and one is discharged after 1-2 days. It all happens in the very surface of the skin with only 2-5 tiny incitions of about 1 cm.
As far as I understand what they do in a LVA is connect lymphatic venules with the veins so the lymph fluid can travel back through the veins.

Mr. O used to wear a grade 3, flatknitted compression stocking (what I wear too) but can now do with a roundknitted grade 1 which is fantastic if you ask me. His stocking is not more than a flightsock, if even that! His leg has gone down in size too.

A couple of days after our get-together Miss C travelled to the same clinic in Germany as Mr. O for a pre-surgery examination to see if she would be a canditate for the operation. It seems she might but the last I heard from her she was waiting for the final test results. Sometimes the lymphatic venules are too damaged or hard to locate for the surgery to be performed. She may have the procedure done as early as June if all goes well. I am so excited for her! I even feel tempted to go and have the examination myself!

The annual patient weekend is coming up next month and I am really looking forward to it. Tina is coming and also a couple of the others. I have signed up for a lymph-yoga class there which I am excited about. You can read about last years patient weekend here if you want.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Wide winter boots

Oh dear... eBay is going to be the end of me. I have a long list of things I'd like to buy. Tops, coat, necklace, wallstickers, yoga-mat – what have you... I am going to order a couple of things next week when I get paid but I will have to control myself. Not sure I can be trusted with a credit card. Lucky for me I like porridge...

I stumbled upon some winter boots that I wanted to show you guys as I indeed know how hard it is to find something warm, comfy and wide when having Lymphedema.

I imagine these could be good for even real big Lymphedema feet and legs (or when wrapped) as the laces makes them adjustable. I am not sure if the laces go through the front bit but if needed one could just not do that, if you know what I mean. These cost $13.99 and have free shipping worldwide. They might be available even cheaper from other sellers. Don't worry about them coming from China, I have purchased lots of stuff from over that way, it takes about three weeks and I haven't had any trouble. Be aware of customs though, it applies to some countries. Find the boots here.

I also found these ones below. They too look warm and comfy. They are only $10.16 and ships worldwide for free. Get them here.

So I write about my life with Lymphedema on a blog in my own language too (same stuff as here) and I have arranged a little get-together tomorrow for readers of the blog. We are having sushi in a restaurant on the top floor of a hotel that has great views over the city. Sophisticated Tina is coming plus four others so there is going to be six of us. I am looking forward to meet the others. And the sushi, of course!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Farrow Wrap

I recently got a Farrow Wrap to use on the lower leg over my Jovipak nightgarment as I feel the nightgarment itself hasn't done all that much. I know that many of you know about the Farrow Wrap but for those who don't it is a kind of bandage made of a number of strips assembled in the middle, closed with Velcro. It looks like this:

In the time just after I was diagnosed nearly four (OMG!!!) years ago I had a similar product, it was from another manufacturer and called CircAid. So now I've got this one and I've used it for a few nights. It is not bad at all. There is definitely a difference to see upon taking the bandage off in the morning, the swelling is somewhat less. The Farrow Wrap I have covers the lower leg only so the knee and upper leg has no extra compression. For a couple of nights I applied a roll of bandage on the knee before putting on the Farrow Wrap and it worked, the lower leg and knee both looked real nice in the morning. However, my foot went numb during the night and I had to take off the Farrow Wrap and the roll on the knee. Perhaps I tightened the FW too much. Perhaps it was because I don't have enough compression on my foot compared to the leg.

Applying my nightgear is a little cumbersome, I feel. It is not at all comparable to a full wrap though but no longer a "slip-on" solution either. First I put some pads in strategic places to put extra pressure on the forefoot and bones on the side of the ankle joint, then the Jovipak, then the "jacket" that comes with the Jovipak, next a roll of bandages on the knee and finally the new Farrow Wrap. It takes maybe five minutes whereas a full wrap takes me about twenty minutes or so, so it is still an improvement, timewise.

On the picture below I have it all on. I am so incredibly sensitive on the bones on the side of the forefoot, that's why the "jacket" is not covering the foot, my fitter have adjusted it. It is not the greatest in relation to most pressure must be on the foot, so I put some pads on the forefoot, under the Jovipak, it works somewhat. I use my Easy-Slide to put on the Jovipak with the pads inside. I have a post about my pads here.

I don't think I have posted anything about the new nightgarment I got, the second Jovipak. The new one is longer and covers the hip, which is what I need now. The last six months or so I have had a bulge just over the top of the compression stocking and the new garment somewhat addresses this. It looks like this:

Last Friday I went to an awesome concert with a great Swedish band, Bo Kaspers Orkester. They are very popular overhere. I love their laid back, jazzy tune and curious lyrics. If you want, you can listen to a couple of their songs here and here and here. They sing only in Swedish which would make no sense to most readers here, but I guess you can still enjoy the music. Swedish is related my language but I don't understand everything either. Hutch, do you know and like them?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

More eBay

I like eBay more and more. You can find anything on eBay, and at a good price too. At least compared to where I am where most things are expensive due to taxes. I am not complaining as I appreciate what I get for my taxes but who doesn't want to save money?
Anyway, I just wanted to share my latest purchases from this online temple with you guys:

I thought I needed something colourful to spice up my plain tops and bring attention to my upper body and these scarfs will do the trick. I just ordered them so haven't recieved them yet. I find the price unbelievable – the scarfs below all cost less than $5!

You can find the beige scarf above here.

Find the white and blue scarfs above here.

I also recently got a unit for hiding cables, boxes for paper storage, stuff to eliminate silverfish and a hair donut - now I just gotta learn how to use it.

And this gorgeous top that I'm really looking forward to using come Summer. The quality is not all that great but on the other hand it didn't cost much so when it is finished, it is finished.


Things I am looking forward to:
  • Going out for a meal with my Tai Chi buddies tonight. Good people.
  • My baking course. Haven't booked it yet but will soon.
  • Spending the weekend in my sofa armed with Mad Men and left over desert from my Birthday.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Shopping for jeans

Hi again, sorry it's been so long, I have been so busy.
I am 40 now. I had a wonderful party in my flat on my Birthday and I spend most of my sparetime since New Year clearing out, cleaning, getting a couple of new bits and making preparations for my big day. I had a lovely day and everything went really well. It was a sort of reception where people could come and go and it worked really well. I had prepared champagne, sushi, cheese and homemade Tiramisu which all went down a treat. I had some lovely presents, the best one was a baking course that I am really looking forward to go to.

As promised I am posting a little tutorial of how I shop for jeans. Since my Lymphedema started I haven't bought a pair in a shop. Especially these days it is close to impossible to find a pair of wide legged jeans and so I find it is much easier to shop on places like eBay. eBay is for shops as well as individuals and you can find new as well as used items.
I haven't actually bought jeans on eBay yet but on a similar site that is only available to my country and on a smaller scale. This is what I would do if I decided to shop for jeans on eBay, which I may very well do one of these days.
You must have an eBay account before buying. It is free and easy to register.

Once you have your account go to or and type in "jeans" in the search box and hit "enter".
You will now see all the jeans that are for sale on eBay. There is a lot and you don't want to see them all, only the ones that are relevant to you. Click on "womens clothing" (or "mens clothing for men of course)".

Then click on "jeans".

You now have various options to further limit your selection. You can chose to see only jeans marked fx. as "wide leg". Also indicate the size you are looking for and perhaps condition. I have highlighted the ones that would be important to me. You can also indicate brand, price etc., which is very handy.

 Now you have all the jeans that match your criterias.

Let's say I fancy the "Silver Jeans STARR Wide Leg Pants". Clicking on the picture I get to see more about the product and the option to bid or buy. It is important to check if the seller ships to your country. If you use and click "advanced" you can choose to view only items that ships to your country, this is very handy. Also make sure to check the shipping costs as they can be quite steep if shipping fx. from America to Europe. The shipping costs are not included in the price of the item itself.

Scrolling down you will see more information about the jeans.

Now to the most important bit. Do they fit? You can never be 100% sure untill you try them on but I have had good results asking the seller for three measurements: The waist, the length from crotch to foot and finally the leg width at the slimmest place. Usually that is at the knee. As the length vary a lot from person to person I have started to ask for the width 53cm from the waist which is where I know my knee sits in most styles. Get a pair of jeans or trousers out that fits you and measure them, then you know how wide your new jeans need to be.

I keep a little table with these measurements on all my jeans and so I can easily compare the styles and figure out what might work when I shop this way.

You can create a bookmark so you can easily find the jeans again but you also get a link in the e-mail you get when the seller replies to your questions.
Some sellers chose to sell their products by auction where you have to bid and others don't, then you just click "buy now".
Do you have any tips on shopping for wide legged jeans? Bring 'em on!