Thursday, 6 December 2012


Last year I watched some of the Breakthrough programs with Tony Robbins, the supercoach from America. They were very interesting and inspiring and already back then I meant to write something about them but didn't get around to it. Now they are being repeated overhere and it is time to put some words on it.  
I imagine there are many opinions about Robbins, particularly in the therapy world. Personally I think he comes across very sympathetic, good at what he does and with an honest wish to help other people. In the programs he helps people in different places in life, people who may have been in an accident or in some other way need help to get back to living and not just surviving. The first program of the ones I have seen was the most interesting. It was about a man who at his own wedding party had jumped into the low end of a swimming pool and was paralyzed from the waist down. Very tragic. In the years since the accident, he had been miserable. He found it very hard having to rely on others for every day things. To be the man in his marriage. Not being able to do the things he once dreamed of. Robbins mission was to help the man get back to living and not just surviving and to help the couple back to each other and the life they had almost given up on having together. 
Although having Lymphedema can not be compared with being paralyzed and referred to a wheelchair there are still aspects of the situation that I think are the same and I felt that I could use some of Tonys words of wisdom. 
In this case he worked with the following seven points:

1. Rewrite your story. 

2. Confront your real issues. 
3. Discover your inner strength.
4. Redefine what is possible. 
5. Exceed your expectations. 
6. Change your way of thinking. 
7. Own your breakthrough.

Most of these steps makes sense to me but especially number four grabbed me. Redefine what is possible. That's what one has to do when ones situation changes, which it often does when getting a chronic disease and one can no longer do the same things as before, or be the same person. This is what we have to do. I've spent much time mourning what I can no longer do but gradually it changed and now I more and more work with what I can do. Also the second one, confront your real issues is interesting
I haven’t been able to find much about the program from Tony himself but I did find this page where Tony talks about the episode and there are bits from the show. On this page  another coach has interpreted the seven points.

I put some pictures here of my leg the night before I went into hospital with Cellulitis. They are not too gross, I just thought people should have a choice of not seeing them, that's why they are on a separate page. Next morning the knee was almost all red and not with the big white patch you see. When I look at the pictures the feeling and heat of the skin comes right back to me. I am thankful it is over.


  1. Will have to think about those Tony Robbins statements. In some ways, all of us are going to have to redefine the possible at some point in our lives, whether due to money, physical problems, life circumstances etc. And everybody will have to face some physical issues sometime - we just hit it earlier than most folks.

    I still need to work on that, but then this year has thrown a lot of different stuff at me and it's been hard to move forward. Looking forward to next year and some really positive, new fun.

    PS - Wow, those leg pictures are something else. Glad for you that it's over and you've recovered. I don't remember if my leg was that red but otherwise it looks very familiar. Let's hope that's one experience neither one of us ever has again!

    1. Hi Elaine,
      yes, I too would like to think more about these statements and I'd like to read some of Tonys books. I find his approach very interesting.
      You are right, we all have to redefine what we can and cannot do at some point(s) in our lives. Physical issues are the scariest, I feel, as it is not in our hands, at least not completely.
      I am sad this year has been so rough for you, but your optimism and good spirit shines through in every comment you have made here so I feel hopeful that this new year will be more userfriendly than the old. I wish you all the best in 2013, thank you for being here on the blog!