Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Leg up for ten days

When I was in hospital with Cellulitis I was in bed for ten days with my leg up and by the time I was discharged my leg looked better than it has in years. It was way better than ten days of MLD and wrapping at the lymphedema therapist. I wonder if that could be an option – taking say five days on the sofa with the leg up once or twice a year. Perhaps not the most productive way of spending ones hard-earned holiday and one might have to take a daily shot of blod diluting medicine as to not risk a trombosis. Perhaps not if it is only five days. When I told my therapist she said that it might not completely be the elevated leg that did the trick but also the antibiotics. So can antibiotics bring the swelling down? Who knows, but probably not. If it could we would all have been doing that from the beginning, eh. I might do an experiment some day, take a weekend with the leg up, only getting up to get food and go to toilet. Measuring my leg before and after. Any thoughts on this type of drainage?

Last week Santa Claus – dressed as a postie – popped in with a package from iHerb.com. In the package were some delicious, healthy snackbars I had ordered. Along came a discount code that I hereby share: Use the code VOQ584 and get $10 discount on orders over $40 or $5 on purchases under $40. They ship worldwide.
I got the Luna, Caramel Nut Brownie (link here). I was hungry so I ripped the package out of Santas hands, tore of the wrapping and tested the goods immediately, they were yummy! Lovely crisp and crunchy. Previously I have tried Raw Organic Food Bar Fiber Chocolate Delite (link here), also very good. These are very chewy and quite filling.

Christmas is around the corner and for once I have gotten all my shoppings done in good time so this week I am going to relax and just enjoy the Christmas vibe. Too soon it is all over and January is upon os. But not yet.

Coming up: Post about how I shop for jeans.



  1. Hello! I can't explain how happy I am to have found your blog!! I am sorry to hear about your recent hospitalization :( and I hope you are feeling much better. I've never met anyone else who has primary lymphedema and I am so glad to have found people who I can share stories with.

    I am a 24-year-old female who was first diagnosed with lympedema when I was 11. My lymphedema is in my left lower extremity from my toes to just below my knee. I just kind of noticed it one day when I took off my socks and shoes. I showed my mom, and initially she thought it was swollen because I had recently had a fall during a basketball game. When it didn't go down after a couple of days, she took me to a doctor. They were perplexed and sent me for a variety of tests including blood-work, ultrasounds, and podiatrists. Everything came back normal, and they said I had lymphedema. When my mom asked what to do next, he said: "Nothing. There's nothing to do."

    Fortunately, my swelling remained the same (pretty much, have some worse days and better days) for 22 years. I feel fortunate that it hasn't impeded me from living my life; however I did struggle periodically with self-image issues. Last year, I began researching the condition and found so much more information! I set up an appointment with an occupational therapist, who taught me all about the condition and gave me the tools I need to manage my leg. After my initial treatments (wrapping and massage therapy), I lost cups of fluid out of my leg. I couldn't believe I had been missing out on this information for all of these years and am so glad I finally decided to pursue treatment. I am also happy to have found your blog and I hope to continue interacting with you and your followers to provide support and encouragement :)

    1. Hello Lymphayogi, welcome to my blog, I too am happy that you found me :-)
      The message that we get about there being nothing to do is so discouraging and sad.
      It is great to hear you have taken matters into your own hands and pursued treatment, there really is some effecient things we can do to keep our swelling down. I sometimes wrap my leg and it is amazing what it can do.
      I am glad to have you on board, looking forward to more comments/interacting :-)
      Warm regards.

  2. Howdy! Been a while since I wrote but I wanted to say hello from the frozen north! Always an encouragement to read your blog and see what develops. Things are up and down around here as usual. Specific to your question from this blog about propping legs up - we notice a big different when my mom has been up sitting without her feet up and when she is in her normal chair that reclines. It is common to hear in our house, "Put your feet up!" Essentially, she is either moving or has her feet up. It makes that much of a difference.

    1. Hi Christina, good to hear from you :-)
      When I went to see my fitter the other day and told him about my trip, the hospital stay and all he said that he hears that a lot, people for example having been in bed for a week with the flu and their leg looks amazing afterwards. It is great it makes such a difference to your Mom when she puts her leg feet up, such a relief when we find something we can do ourselves to better things.

  3. Oh, I forgot to say that perhaps your leg swelled because of the infection then there was a noticeable decrease as the antibiotics got to work...?

    1. Hi again, Christina, just now I stumbled upon something about some diet "which has shown to be beneficial in individuals with cancer, also has blood thinning properties, which may facilitate lymphatic flow". When I was in hospital I had a daily shot of blood thinning medicine to avoid a clot now that I was laying down all the time. Perhaps this had something to say. However, my fitter recently said to me that he had often heard clients say that after a week in bed with the flu their leg looked amazing.

    2. Hi there! I'm checking out that diet now, sounds doable. If nothing else it is basically eating really healthy, right? I appreciate she doesn't claim it is a "cure all" - I shy away from things that claim complete cures! We've lately been using DoTERRA essential oils. Have you heard of them? So many essential oils may help with circulation. BTW, happy belated birthday :)

    3. Hi Christina,
      thanks :-)

      Sounds interesting with the essential oils, I hope you will see some results.
      I like to make my own vegetable juice and have also come across a few recipes that might help clean and/or stimulate lymphatic flow, I'd like to try these.