Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Leg up for ten days

When I was in hospital with Cellulitis I was in bed for ten days with my leg up and by the time I was discharged my leg looked better than it has in years. It was way better than ten days of MLD and wrapping at the lymphedema therapist. I wonder if that could be an option – taking say five days on the sofa with the leg up once or twice a year. Perhaps not the most productive way of spending ones hard-earned holiday and one might have to take a daily shot of blod diluting medicine as to not risk a trombosis. Perhaps not if it is only five days. When I told my therapist she said that it might not completely be the elevated leg that did the trick but also the antibiotics. So can antibiotics bring the swelling down? Who knows, but probably not. If it could we would all have been doing that from the beginning, eh. I might do an experiment some day, take a weekend with the leg up, only getting up to get food and go to toilet. Measuring my leg before and after. Any thoughts on this type of drainage?

Last week Santa Claus – dressed as a postie – popped in with a package from iHerb.com. In the package were some delicious, healthy snackbars I had ordered. Along came a discount code that I hereby share: Use the code VOQ584 and get $10 discount on orders over $40 or $5 on purchases under $40. They ship worldwide.
I got the Luna, Caramel Nut Brownie (link here). I was hungry so I ripped the package out of Santas hands, tore of the wrapping and tested the goods immediately, they were yummy! Lovely crisp and crunchy. Previously I have tried Raw Organic Food Bar Fiber Chocolate Delite (link here), also very good. These are very chewy and quite filling.

Christmas is around the corner and for once I have gotten all my shoppings done in good time so this week I am going to relax and just enjoy the Christmas vibe. Too soon it is all over and January is upon os. But not yet.

Coming up: Post about how I shop for jeans.


Thursday, 6 December 2012


Last year I watched some of the Breakthrough programs with Tony Robbins, the supercoach from America. They were very interesting and inspiring and already back then I meant to write something about them but didn't get around to it. Now they are being repeated overhere and it is time to put some words on it.  
I imagine there are many opinions about Robbins, particularly in the therapy world. Personally I think he comes across very sympathetic, good at what he does and with an honest wish to help other people. In the programs he helps people in different places in life, people who may have been in an accident or in some other way need help to get back to living and not just surviving. The first program of the ones I have seen was the most interesting. It was about a man who at his own wedding party had jumped into the low end of a swimming pool and was paralyzed from the waist down. Very tragic. In the years since the accident, he had been miserable. He found it very hard having to rely on others for every day things. To be the man in his marriage. Not being able to do the things he once dreamed of. Robbins mission was to help the man get back to living and not just surviving and to help the couple back to each other and the life they had almost given up on having together. 
Although having Lymphedema can not be compared with being paralyzed and referred to a wheelchair there are still aspects of the situation that I think are the same and I felt that I could use some of Tonys words of wisdom. 
In this case he worked with the following seven points:

1. Rewrite your story. 

2. Confront your real issues. 
3. Discover your inner strength.
4. Redefine what is possible. 
5. Exceed your expectations. 
6. Change your way of thinking. 
7. Own your breakthrough.

Most of these steps makes sense to me but especially number four grabbed me. Redefine what is possible. That's what one has to do when ones situation changes, which it often does when getting a chronic disease and one can no longer do the same things as before, or be the same person. This is what we have to do. I've spent much time mourning what I can no longer do but gradually it changed and now I more and more work with what I can do. Also the second one, confront your real issues is interesting
I haven’t been able to find much about the program from Tony himself but I did find this page where Tony talks about the episode and there are bits from the show. On this page  another coach has interpreted the seven points.

I put some pictures here of my leg the night before I went into hospital with Cellulitis. They are not too gross, I just thought people should have a choice of not seeing them, that's why they are on a separate page. Next morning the knee was almost all red and not with the big white patch you see. When I look at the pictures the feeling and heat of the skin comes right back to me. I am thankful it is over.