Saturday, 24 November 2012

Shoes that work – a readers picture

In relation to some of the comments on this page reader Hutch here on the blog send me this picture of shoes that works for her. Thanks, Hutch! I like all of them, they are very feminine. Number four is my favourite. I haven't worn heels since Lymphedema started but now I feel adventurous and might look into it. I wear a super ugly toecap that makes my toes a great deal wider so I am not sure what I can get my foot into, even with a bigger size on the Lymphedema foot, but I am going to investigate. Shoe number one is a great Summer option with a long skirt. Thank you so much Hutch, for sharing!

I recently got these low cut boots and I love them. I got them in two different sizes and it works very well. They are from a "cheap-and-cheerful" shop but who cares, I think they look stylish, and they work for me. They have an elastic insert on both sides of the foot which makes it possible for me to wear. I can even use them with the compression stockings that has the pads. I have worn them with dressy, black trousers and also with a long dress (see the dress here, first picture). I am thinking about getting another set to have when these ones are too worn to use. I'd like to do that more now, buy two when I find something that works and that I like.

Today I've been busy in the kichen, baking a great no-knead bread in my clay cooker and then this very delicous (and very, very naughty) prune cake. Oh dear, it's good! Check it out!


  1. I admire those heeled shoes - I couldn't have walked in them even pre-lymphedema without killing myself! Plus as a journalist I need to wear shoes I can run never know what might happen. Like the low boots, may try to search some out over here.

    1. Hi Elaine, I really like the heels too. I would have worn them if it wan't for Lymphedema but I doubt I can now with the toecap. I might be able to with a closed toe stocking, investigating if that is an option for me, perhaps just for a few hours at a time on special occasions.

    2. Hello ladies

      I should perhaps have pointed out that I can only wear these for special occasions and after the end of an evening the top of my foot will have come up like a balloon. Still, it's nice to have some 'silly' shoes that can be worn to a party or wedding or something.
      For winter I've found that I can get on high ankle boots (no way I can fit into knee-highs) if they have both a zip and laces. Those elastic bits look good, but I suspect they'd be far too big for my good foot - I always had really narrow feet and ankles, which just makes the difference between left and right so much bigger now. ggrrr

    3. Hi Hutch, I got these in two different sizes whichs works quite well. I had to get these in 39 and 41 and the difference does show but it is probably only myself who notice.