Monday, 12 November 2012

Dad and Melanoma

While I was away my Dad went to a clinic for a scheduled appointment to have a couple of suspicious looking birthmarks/moles removed. The doctor send them to a lab as I imagine is standard procedure and when the results came back Dad had to go into hospital to have a little more of them taken away. Things were apparently more serious than first anticipated and they took three lymphnodes in his groin, so now he is at risk of developing Lymphedema. This morning he went for a checkup and to get the results from last time and he is now in the clear, thank God! I am so relieved! When he had the three nodes taken out the doctors said they might have to take all his lymphnodes in groin AND armpits but luckily they didn't have to.
Before the surgery they casually mentioned the possibility of Lymphedema but as if it was nothing. Dad knew better and said so, told them about me, I think that shook them a bit. I wonder if they were just ignorant of how much Lymphedema can affect a persons life or if they thought he would make trouble and resist if he knew the full extend of the sideeffects.
So far there is no indication of Lymphedema and hopefully it will never come. I can't bear the thought of Dad having to deal with the hassles of the compression stocking and not being able to wear shorts and sandals in Summer.

On the night before I went into hospital in Spain I looked up the Latin name for Rosen, Erysipelas, and when I first got to the ER I mentioned to the doctors that there was a possibility this could be it, or Cellulitis. It is just an idea but perhaps it is handy to have the names in ones phone or on a piece of paper in ones purse when travelling abroad – or domestic, I guess. The sooner a diagnosis can be made, the sooner the right treatment can be given, which I think is very important with Cellulitis and Rosen. A hint may speed up things instead of doctors spending precious time figuring out what is going on.

Coming soon: A readers picture of nice shoes that works! I also want to show you some pictures of new pants and boots I got a little while ago.


  1. Glad to hear your dad's in the clear, and lucky (in a weird way) that you all know about lymphedema. He'll know to take care and with luck, will never get it.

    As for cellulitis and whether it's easier to get it again, one woman I know with very serious lymphedema (as in both legs and one arm and torso) has only had it once, about ten years ago. She says she now makes sure to get flu shots every year and also gets a pneumonia vaccine - she isn't sure if that's why she hasn't gotten it again or not, but she does it. I do get a flu shot but a pneumonia shot is very expensive so I haven't done that.

  2. Another possible thing to do is to carry some antibiotics with you while traveling, so that if symptoms started up in the middle of the night you could maybe get a jump on them.