Friday, 12 October 2012

Big walk, day 5

It is the fifth day of my camino. Today sucks, I have the meanest blisters on one of my toes. I have quite a few blisters but this particular one is killing me. I might stay where I am now for a day to let it heal.
Anyway, since I started on Monday I have been walking 19km - 17 - 15,5 - 12 and today 13 kilometers. Not much really, compared to what most others walk, but the first couple of days I wanted to take it easy - and the 19 was more than enough - I more or less dragged myself into the firstcoming albergue (shelter) of the town at 5.30. Yesterday and today the blisters have slowed me down. If it wasn't for them I could have walked more.
Apart from the blisters it's been going OK. When I on the first day took off the compression stocking to shower the skin was clearly irritated some places as there were red patches to see. I guess the stocking had been rubbing against the skin. I put some long stretches of bandaid on it that I still have on and I haven't had more trouble since that day as to skin irritation. The leg seems to have gone up in size a little bit but that's OK. The other night I was the only person in my dormitory so I grabbed the opportunity and wrapped the leg, which I think was good. When I get to the city of León in a couple of days (if I get there...) I think I will treat myself to a hotel for one night. Have some privacy and a bit of luxury. And then I can wrap again.

I have had some great times out on the roads. Enjoying the utter silence and the nature. Just walking. Slowly. Yesterday, in the town of Sahagún I got myself a pair of walking sticks, they are quite good. Stabilizes my body. I have met kind people from many countries already, looking forward to more. The coffee is excellent and the vino tinto (red wine) is plenty.

I found a couple of videos if any of you guys should want to see something about the Camino de Santiago. Check out these links:


  1. Good for you! Hope it keeps on going well...and that the blisters heal.