Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Big walk, day 10

It is the tenth day of my walk. Since my last post lots have happened. I have had a bit of a crisis but I´m back on track now in good spirit. After six days of walking I had to go by wheels to a bigger city where I stayed at a hotel for two days, allowing my blisters to heal and also seeing a doctor that cared for pilgrims. By unbelievable luck he also did lymphatic drainage so he knew about Lymphedema! What are the chances... He said that because of the extra pressure on the lymphedemaleg I am more prone to troubles on that foot. I guess that makes sense now, but I don’t think I could have known. Anyway, he patched me up good and gave me a list of things to get at the pharmacy so I could patch myself up properly in the time to come.
I realized that because of the problems lurking I would not be able to walk enough each day to make it to Santiago before I have to be back for a course at home in early November, so I made the decicion of getting a train to a place about a hundred kilometers before Santiago and walk from there. This will give me plenty of time to get there, enabling me to take it as easy as I need to. I started up today with only four or five kilometers, but so be it. Tomorrow I will do more. Just don’t want to risk anything.
Happy times are ahead and the misery is in the past now. Have met wonderful people, this morning I walked with two girls from Angola and Portugal who were in my dorm and last night I had dinner with some wonderful Australians I have run into a couple of times.
The landscape here in Galicia is beautyful, very lush and green and mountainous. A bit cold too. And rainy, I had to get my poncho out this morning, but I didn’t care, it was just good to be moving by footpower again. 
Travelling this way with Lymphedema can be a little challenging. Getting the compression stocking off in a tiny shower cubicle, putting it on in a lower bunk where there is barely room to sit up. I now have my routines so I manage. A few people here and there have asked about the stocking and it has been perfectly OK. The other pilgrims are friendly and caring. A Dutch lady I met even had some knowlegde about Lymphedema.
Walking the Camino one meets many characters. The other day I met a Spanish lady, she must have been 75 or so, walking in an almost 90 degree angle with a roller with armrests, on which all her bagage was hanging. She brought a roll of big posters with religious messages. Many pilgrims travel by bicycle and some even by horse. Some days ago there was a man in my shelter/hostel travelling by horse, bringing with him his bird in a cage :-)


  1. You go, girl! Will be eager to hear all the advice and practical things you learned about hiking with lymphedema after this - I want to start hiking again next year.

    1. Hi Elaine, thanks for the "go, girl" - cheered me up :-)
      More to come soon about my experiences of hiking with Lymphedema, but be warned, no happy ending...

    2. Well, you made it home. In the end, that's what really counts! :) It does sound as if you had a lot of good experiences among the bad - hope that will end up meaning more with time.

    3. Hi Elaine, yes I made it home, and how wonderful it is to be back! I did have some good experiences too and I think you are right, over time they will mean more.

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    1. Hi Ryan, thanks for writing - will check out your site!
      Thanks for your kind words about my blog :-)