Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I have just finished my big annual session of MLD and wrapping before having my leg measured for new compression stockings. It's been going fine and my leg looks good compared to what it was. I feel, and I had hoped, it could have looked even better, especially around the knee but my therapist says it is most important with the calf. She also said that some of the extra fluid has converted into fatty tissue. No way back. This makes me sad. I wish I had been more aware of just how important it is to look after ones leg and constantly taking care of it. Not that I haven't – I simply can't do without my stockings so with them I don't have a choice but I wish I had gotten a nightgarment sooner or bandaged my leg more often and also seen the therapist more frequently. I have always done what she told me though. Anyway, she says that over time we might be able to get the leg down a little more but nothing is for certain. She was quite happy with the result after 8-10 days of MLD and wrapping. I guess it does like quite good compared. I have some shape around the knee now and my ankle looks good too. While waiting for the new stocking I have been wrapped on and off at the therapist and wrapped myself every night to keep it down till it arrives.
We've been using the Mobiderm bandage that I got earlier this year, it's been real good. It does a great job of softening the tissue and thereby making it more mobile.
I am awaiting a new nightgarment. A JoviPak again but this one will go up around the hip whereas the old one stopped about where my thigh-high stocking ends too. I had developed a little bump/extra swelling where the garments ends and my therapist was a little freaked out by that. She worked intensively on it and brought it under control again. Having wrapped my leg she would some days add an extra roll that would go around my belly and the hip, that worked quite well.

I don't really feel the nightgarment has made any difference. It might help keep the tissue soft but when I measured my leg just before the big session it was the same as before I started using it. My fitter will make some adjustments to the new one and says that if this doesn't change anything he might look into a Reid sleeve that I have been recommended. It is not on the Danish market but he can order it from America or whereever it comes from.

After the wrapping session I've been feeling the right side of my groin when training for my big walk. Not good. My therapist says it's irritated after the bandaging and the dodgy walking. That's another thing I've been thinking about reg. being wrapped for a long time, it can't be good for the rest of the body to be bandaged for more than a few weeks as one compensates for the stiff leg and uses the body in a way that might not be all that great. What do you think?
I hope my groin will recover very soon, just over a week till take-off now. I am going to take it easy this week, no training. I have left my boots at the shoemaker anyway to have the one for the Lymphedema foot made a little wider. Usually it feels fine but there are days when it would be good to have a little tiny bit wider, and I might also wear another sock over the compression stocking, there's gotta be room for that too.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

My big walk coming up

My big walk in Northern Spain that I was gonna go on in May this year but postponed is now going to start early October. Soon now. I've got my outbound flight but no return flight as I don't know when I will arrive in Santiago and I don't want to have to rush to make my flight.
I am training for the walk, at the moment I walk up to 13 km, but the other day I walked 17 with a walking group, that went allright. In Spain I am counting on walking at least 20 km per day, hopefully more. Will take great care to not overdo it, especially during the first week. I hear that many pilgrims overdo it and end up with injuries after only a few days of walking. I will listen to my body. Also, who knows how the Lymphedema leg is going to feel about all this.

I wonder what the walk will be like. In general and as to travelling this way with Lymphedema. I will be staying in in dormrooms in pilgrim hostels. I suppose I can take off the stocking and put it back on in the bathroom, but I'm better off sitting on my bed doing it and it might be good for me to just say "sod it" and not care what others might be thinking. I think many of the others will have various problems with their feet that they will be attending too and I guess there will be others with various issues.

I might sometimes "cheat" and stay a night in a B&B or hotel for a bit of luxury and privacy. Those nights I can wrap my leg if I need to, I am going to bring a few rolls of bandages so I can wrap a little.