Thursday, 23 August 2012

As good as new

Next month I will be going for my annual wrapping session before having my leg measured for new stockings. The trousers I use when bandaged are much less black than they used to be, they are not new either. However, they are not that worn and they are the only trousers I can use when wrapped so I am pleased I've got them. The other day I freshened up the colour with some cheap Rit dye in my parents washingmachine and they came out real nice. They don't look very sophisticated as it is (the trousers, not the parents...) but at least they no longer look old and faded (the parents a little, perhaps...). Anyway, they came out nice. I recently got some light blue, wide legged jeans from an auction and I dyed them blue, it worked well too.

Before and after.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

My routines

My Easy-Slide.
Inspired by Elaines comment to this post I thought I'd write something about my routines, hoping that you guys will share yours too so we can learn from each other and perhaps better our situations.

Daily life:
Getting up in the morning I head straight for the shower. I can't go without the stocking for more than a few minutes without the lymphfluid building up. I keep my Lymphedema leg out of the water as good as I can as I feel the water running down acts a little like MLD, just the wrong way. When done I put my foot up on the wall as high as I can and shower the leg from the foot upwards to rinse the soap off. I dry my leg downwards up and then put on my toecap and compression stocking straight away, sitting in my bed or my sofa. I use an Easy-Slide to put it on. Come nighttime I sometimes take off the stocking when I know I won't be doing anymore that day exept laying on my sofa watching TV. Sometimes I use my compression pump. When it is time for bed I put on my nightgarment and go to sleep.
Every now and then I wrap myself for a few nights if I think the swelling has gone up.
I almost never take off my stocking during the day, only if I for some reason really have to. Like today when I will shower in the afternoon to go to a party tonight.
I pull my stocking up when I go to the bathroom anyway. Sometimes I pull it up in graveyards, see this post... I fold it down to the knee, pull it up and fold it back up.

Once a year:
Once a year I go through a wrapping session at my therapist before measured for new stockings at the fitter. My stockings are guaranteed to last for a year. I am usually wrapped for about ten days. I know that some patients are wrapped for much longer than this, I guess it is individually. After about ten days my leg has gone down as much as it is going to, which is close to the size of the good leg so it doesn't make sense to wrap further. My therapist gives me MLD and wraps my whole leg in the mornings and I wear it until next morning where she removes it and repeats the procedure. After my last session I got this bandage that I use when I wrap myself and that my therapist will be using at my next session, which is next month. During weekends I wrap for the night as good as I can. I use a castprotector when showering, and I wear my old trekkingsandals and some very baggy trousers during the day. After the ten days my fitter measures my leg and orders one new stocking. He gets them from Medi in Germany and it usually takes 10-14 days but can be done in as little as five days as a rush order. After a few weeks with the new stocking, testing that it is OK, he orders one more. The stockings are guaranteed to last for a year.

Apart from the big session described above I have MLD perhaps four times a year, just for an hour. I'd like to have it more often, say once a month or more.

What are your routines? How long are you wrapped for at the therapist? What kind of stocking do you use?

Tonight I am going to a friends 40st Birthday and I am going to wear the new, dark blue dress. The first time. I picked it up from the taylor the other day, it had to be shortened and the jersey fabric was too "alive" for me to mess with. Usually I do these things myself, but couldn't risk ruining the beautyful dress. I am looking forward to wearing it. Tomorrow I am going to my nephews 12th Birthday and I will be wearing the floral dress below. I got that from Asos last year or the year before. It will be perfect for tomorrow, a hot and sunny summers day. Looking forward to feeling feminine and dressed up.

The dress before it was made shorter. I will wear my white
Converse hi-top sneakers and a big turquise-coloured necklace with it.

Photo from
Will wear the sneakers again and possibly a little necklace with a red stone.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Pants down but not caught

My compression stockings are getting worn. Next month I am going for a wrapping session before being measured for new stockings. Lately they have been sliding down a lot during the day. The other day I came home late in the evening, I had been out with a couple of people from my Tai Chi/Qi Gong/Martial Art class and because it was so late before I hung the stocking to dry it wasn't dry enough to put on next morning so I had to put on the dirty one from the day before (I only have two stockings). So the next day it really kept sliding down. I was walking some of the way home from work and I tried as best I could to pull it up from the outside of my jeans. Wasn't working for more than a few minutes at a time. I ended up stepping into a graveyard I passed, went behind some bushes, quickly pulled my trousers down and my stocking up. No one else was there (I think), luckily. What a sight it would have been, and in a graveyard!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I sold my boots

I can't seem to find any posts about my walkingboots so perhaps I never wrote about them? Anyway, earlier this year I got some really good walkingboots for my big walk I was supposed to go on in May (now going later this year, more about this soon). I bought two pairs, two different sizes. One size for the good foot, one for the bad. Monday this week I sold the two boots I won't be using. A young girl with Primary Lymphedema in her left leg matches me in size and she bought them from me, I met up with her at a trainstation where I handed them over. She had tried the boots on in a shop so she knew the sizes where right.
I am so pleased they won't go to waste and that I managed to get some money for them. I am thinking of setting up a shoe board here on the blog where people can sell their odd-size pairs. What do you think?