Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Can you believe it, summer has been quite mixed overhere with lots of rain, wind and grey clouds but this week is really hot and sunny and I was looking forward to wearing some of my summer outits, then what happens – I get a sun rash, arghh! It is on my neck and upper chest and my skin is really irritated. Have to cover up. I put on some cream I had in the drawer, Traumeel. It is an all natural ointment that can be used for rashes, minor cuts and other skinthings. After applying it last night I googled it a little and discovered it can be used on swelling too. That's what it says, anyway. I also found a place where it said it could be used for muscular discomfort due to Lymphedema. Others states it is good for sportsinjuries, inflammation and pain. Many people rave about this product. It hasn't performed miracles for me yet, but I haven't given up on it completely. It does soothe my rash a little. Anyone out there tried this for anything related to Lymphedema?

Anyway, so what I could have worn is the dress below, I wore it a couple of weeks ago on a nice day. I recently dug out some old, long dresses that I can wear now that I've got my Chucks, including this one. It must be at least 15 years old but it is still fine, I haven't worn it all that much. I do think I need to give it a stich or two below the last button as it exposes my leg a little more than I care for when walking and cycling.
It felt so good wearing a summers dress again.

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  1. Hello,
    I think the active ingredient in the Traumeel is Arnica. You can make your own arnica oil by putting dried arnica flowers in the top of a double boiler, covering them with EVOO, and gently heating them, not to a boil), for about 3 hours. Then strain the oil into a jar. There are recipes for infused oils on the internet. Calendula flowers are especially good for skin rashes etc., arnica more for bruising and injuries.

  2. Thank you never thought about chucks with the sun dress before :) LOVE it!! right leg here too so frustrating (cancer 27 nodes removed in 05') but I am doing ! altaymom@gmail.com

    1. Hi Vicki, thanks a lot for your input :-)
      I am sorry to hear about your leg. 27 nodes removed??? I didn't realized we had that many!
      Hang in there!