Monday, 2 July 2012

Me and Chuck

At last! I am now the happy owner of two pairs of Converse All Star hi-top sneakers, one size for each foot! I am so excited! I got the one pair about a month ago from an on-line auction a little like eBay and the other pair yesterday with 20% off at a shoppingcenter near me. Yay! Now I can wear my long dresses and skirts. Because I've got the pads sewn into my stockings my ankle looks quite big and so I want to hide it – that I can do with these hi-top sneakers. It does still look a little bit big but I will be wearing long outfits anyway and perhaps I can sometimes wear an old stocking from which I have removed the pads. I am thinking of taking out the pads in one of the two stockings I have and wear at the moment.

If anyone is interested I'd be more than happy to sell the two sneakers I will not be using. Probably not worth it for readers in the US but perhaps for those in Europe. Make me an offer, I am very negotiable.

Sizes: Left: 6.5/39.5. Right: 5/37.5

Todays outfit:


  1. Nice look! I do like the shoes, very sharp. (Alas, your feet are too big for me; I take 23.5 and 24.5).

    I've been noticing that more and more Japanese women are wearing sharp and brightly colored running shoes with their clothes, so I may go that route myself. Hot pink flames all the way!

  2. Thanks Elaine, I'm real glad that I got the shoes. Could it be a different size system you use - 23.5 are for small children overhere :-) I'd say most women overhere wear 38-40.
    Indeed go for the hot pink flames, sounds really cool!

  3. Ha, I guess the equivalent of my normal size is 37.5 European (Japanese are smaller, it's an average shoe size here.) When I was looking for larger shoes to use while wrapping I noticed that normal women's shoe sizes stop at 25 - 39 for you.