Saturday, 7 July 2012

Clothes from the personlig shopper

Here comes some of the clothes I got from the personal shopper a couple of weeks ago. I loooove this beautyful dark blue dress. Obviously it is too long and have to be shortened which will probably make it look less Greek goddess but I think it will be nice in a more userfriendly length too. It has an elastic band right where I put the belt. This gives it a baggy look which I find handy, especially in case of overdosing on desert, hmm.
The dress can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. I think that with the right accessories it could be worn for a wedding, but also for much less formal things – the new sneakers, a casual long necklace, a big shoulderbag and loose hair would dress it right down in a cool and stylish way. It is by Mango and it is 100% cotton.

I also got this top and the green skirt. I have returned both though but I thought I'd show it here anyway for inspiration. I really do like the look but wondered how much I would be using the skirt afterall. I like the way it sits high up, just under the boobs. The belt is the dot over the i, as we say overhere. I felt a little like the mum from The Little House on the Prairie. I still love watching that.

I was looking at the other day – their sale too is on – and I found a couple of maxiskirts and -dresses. Didn't buy anything though but they really have a big variety. The skirt below could easily be worn high up like my green one, and it is reduced too. It comes in four colours.

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  1. Just found this blog - it is quite impressive!

    Love your photos & fashion commentary. I have arm LE so can't help with the shoe situation but think it's great that you're demonstrating how to problem solve with such a positive attitude.

    1. Hi there, thanks for your kind words, and for reading my blog :-)