Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Don't give up

A while ago a friend of mine shared a video and I thought I'd share it with you guys. It is not about Lymphedema as such but about not giving up. It is about a man who thought he'd never walk on his own again. Everyone had given up, exept one. Some Lymphedema patients find themselves in the same situation. As some of the comments to my previous posts proves, due to so many doctors being so ignorant of Lymphedema, so many Lymphedema sufferes around the world are wrongly – if ever – diagnosed and ends up in desperate situations. Huge limbs out of control. Amputated limbs. Wheelchair bound. Pain.

See the video here.

A song comes to mind. The beautyful "Don't give up" with Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. I never paid much attention to the lyrics and assumed it was about love but a couple of years ago I learnt that it is about unemployment. However, I find that many of the phrases in this song are valid for other aspects of life, including life with a serious ilness.

As only one of the three winners of the give-away contacted me with their address I have now picked two others instead of the no-shows. Christina and Hutch, please send me your addresses and I will make sure the books get to you. Yay – congratulations!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Can you believe it, summer has been quite mixed overhere with lots of rain, wind and grey clouds but this week is really hot and sunny and I was looking forward to wearing some of my summer outits, then what happens – I get a sun rash, arghh! It is on my neck and upper chest and my skin is really irritated. Have to cover up. I put on some cream I had in the drawer, Traumeel. It is an all natural ointment that can be used for rashes, minor cuts and other skinthings. After applying it last night I googled it a little and discovered it can be used on swelling too. That's what it says, anyway. I also found a place where it said it could be used for muscular discomfort due to Lymphedema. Others states it is good for sportsinjuries, inflammation and pain. Many people rave about this product. It hasn't performed miracles for me yet, but I haven't given up on it completely. It does soothe my rash a little. Anyone out there tried this for anything related to Lymphedema?

Anyway, so what I could have worn is the dress below, I wore it a couple of weeks ago on a nice day. I recently dug out some old, long dresses that I can wear now that I've got my Chucks, including this one. It must be at least 15 years old but it is still fine, I haven't worn it all that much. I do think I need to give it a stich or two below the last button as it exposes my leg a little more than I care for when walking and cycling.
It felt so good wearing a summers dress again.

Xxxxx and Xxxxx, you have both won the book "The emotional challenges of Living with Lymphedema" in my Give-away, please send me your adress on thelymphedemagirl@gmail.com before August 1. After that I will pick two others.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Winners of the give-away

And now to the moment we've all been waiting for... Time is up, my first – but hopefully not the last – give-away has ended and I picked the winners. I wrote all the names down on little bits of paper, put them all in my new hat, looked away and picked three. The winners are:

Xxxxx (your comment on "My first give-away").
Xxxxx (your comment on "More flaws and handicaps").

Congratulations :-)
Please send me your details on thelymphedemagirl@gmail.com and I will make sure the books get to you. Thank you, LymphedemaProducts for doing this.

I really appreciate all the comments that has come in and I hope they will keep coming. Like I said in a comment the other day, now I can see light on other planets in the dark, unknown Lymphedema emptyness. Thank you. I am not alone. We are not alone.
I am already thinking about what the next give-away could be. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dry skin

My skin has been quite dry lately. I haven't been very good at putting lotion on either. Last week I got some oil – Evening Primrose and flaxseed – to put in my vegetable juice when I make that. One tablespoon is appropriate for a big glass (400-500 ml) of juice. I usually go for carrot, ginger and lemon, sometimes also an apple, it is beautyful! In the season I also add beetroot. Anyway, a spoonful of oil in the juice does wonders for my skin. The winter before last winter I didn't put on lotion at all, the oil was enough. Skincare from the inside. How do you look after your skin?

Check out the cuteness below, it is from my parents garden where they often hang out (the deers). It didn't use to be like that when I was a child but in recent years the numbers have increased and perhaps they think the nearby forrest is too crowded. Perhaps they just feel adventurous. These are quite young too but at the moment there is also a tiny baby, haven't seen it yet though.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Clothes from the personlig shopper

Here comes some of the clothes I got from the personal shopper a couple of weeks ago. I loooove this beautyful dark blue dress. Obviously it is too long and have to be shortened which will probably make it look less Greek goddess but I think it will be nice in a more userfriendly length too. It has an elastic band right where I put the belt. This gives it a baggy look which I find handy, especially in case of overdosing on desert, hmm.
The dress can be dressed up or down according to the occasion. I think that with the right accessories it could be worn for a wedding, but also for much less formal things – the new sneakers, a casual long necklace, a big shoulderbag and loose hair would dress it right down in a cool and stylish way. It is by Mango and it is 100% cotton.

I also got this top and the green skirt. I have returned both though but I thought I'd show it here anyway for inspiration. I really do like the look but wondered how much I would be using the skirt afterall. I like the way it sits high up, just under the boobs. The belt is the dot over the i, as we say overhere. I felt a little like the mum from The Little House on the Prairie. I still love watching that.

I was looking at asos.com the other day – their sale too is on – and I found a couple of maxiskirts and -dresses. Didn't buy anything though but they really have a big variety. The skirt below could easily be worn high up like my green one, and it is reduced too. It comes in four colours.

The Give-away is still on, you can still comment and have the chance of winning the book "Overcoming the emotional challenges of Lymphedema" that I am giving away together with LymphedemaProducts.com. Read more about the Give-away here.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Me and Chuck

At last! I am now the happy owner of two pairs of Converse All Star hi-top sneakers, one size for each foot! I am so excited! I got the one pair about a month ago from an on-line auction a little like eBay and the other pair yesterday with 20% off at a shoppingcenter near me. Yay! Now I can wear my long dresses and skirts. Because I've got the pads sewn into my stockings my ankle looks quite big and so I want to hide it – that I can do with these hi-top sneakers. It does still look a little bit big but I will be wearing long outfits anyway and perhaps I can sometimes wear an old stocking from which I have removed the pads. I am thinking of taking out the pads in one of the two stockings I have and wear at the moment.

If anyone is interested I'd be more than happy to sell the two sneakers I will not be using. Probably not worth it for readers in the US but perhaps for those in Europe. Make me an offer, I am very negotiable.

Sizes: Left: 6.5/39.5. Right: 5/37.5

Todays outfit: