Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mobiderm bandage

I was gonna leave for Spain to go on my big walk today but I have decided to postpone it. Dad went into hospital last week and have had an angioplasty. What a scare. He is fine now, almost running around like before and I suppose I could have gone but he only came home yesterday and even though he is good I don't feel like going at this time. I just want to be near him. Not so much for if something happens but because I love him and feel grateful that he is still here.
I had chosen this time of year very carefully for the trip to avoid the heat due to the compression stocking. Perhaps I can go come autumn. Or next year. I don't mind not going. For the time being I'd rather be home with Dad.

My knee-high compression stocking to wear over the thigh-high when working has arrived but I haven't tried it yet. Don't really want to, but as it is meant to bring my calf down I guess I better give it a go.
I have also recieved the Mobiderm bandage below to use when I wrap my leg – or my therapist does. The little foam squares creates a pressure differential between where the squares are and the surrounding area which provides mobility in the tissue. It softens it up so the pressure from the short stretch bandages can work even more effectively, and also the stocking during the day. It provides good conditions for the microcirculation.
I got it from my fitter. It comes in a couple of lengths and widths and also in a half or full leg boot/stocking to use during the night. This one I got is 10cm by 3meters. It goes over the stockinette/tubegauze and under cotton and shortstretch bandages. I am to wear it on the lower leg. My therapist have sometimes used one on me, it is very good. Here you can see it applied on a lower leg.


  1. Hello!

    Seems like we are at a similar stage in all this business - I am in my third year of primary lympho, also in my right leg.
    I just found you by googling 'mobiderm night stocking' as I'm being measured for one tomorrow. dun dun dunnn

    Anyway, thanks for the blog. Always good to be reminded we are not alone with these sometimes ridiculous problems (just had a depressing summer shoe hunt this afternoon. How I long for the days when the frustration with shoe shopping was not finding anything I liked; now I'd be grateful for a pair, any pair, that fit both feet and don't make one of them swell up like a balloon.. sigh)

    1. Hi there, thanks for writing :-)
      It is going to be interesting with your Mobiderm stocking. I'd like one of those, right now I've got the Jovipak and a Mobiderm bandage. I am still trying to get the Jovipak to work properly.
      I couldn't agree more, shoeshopping is depressing! I have started buying shoes in two different sizes, one for each foot. Truly a relief to have a pair of shoes that fits both feet properly. Only thing is that is quickly adds up so I look for cheap shoes or shoes on sale. Have you seen my shoeguide here on the blog? Find it under "Pages".

    2. I'll let you know how the stocking turns out. I gather I still have to bandage over the top for full effect, but let's see [in case it's not obvious, I am the anonymous poster above - now with an ID :)]

      Different sized shoes wouldn't solve my problem unfortunately. Before the lympho started I had stupidly narrow feet so normal sandals never fitted me anyway. Now it's compounded by the fact that the alternatives I had got used to for super-skinny feet now don't work for the fat one. Having said that, I did manage to find something. It's just a question of re-learning what to look out for really.

      Will now hop over to your shoe post - I have something to add to the list ...

    3. Hello Hutch,
      thanks for keeping us posted about the Mobiderm stocking. I think you would have to bandage over it. When I asked my fitter about this products he said I would have to do a full wrap over it but I think a few rolls would be enough to produce results.
      Reg. shoes; you are right, we have to relearn what to look for. As with other things with Lymphedema we need to adjust.

    4. Hi there, my wife as a result of having 32 lymph nodes removed from her groin, three years ago, now has lymphoedema Over the three years I have been doing the bandaging for her, using short stretch comprilan. We have just started to use Mobiderm using the 8mm width both for the bandaging and the mobiderm it's self. I am find this narrow width, whilst the limb is not being moved is quite good but as soon as there is movement in the limb the bandages slips and of course becomes ineffective Just wondering if you have tried both widths and how successful is mobiderm with Any info would be of great help Thank you Graeme I am in Auckland New Zealand

    5. Hi Graeme, I only have the Mobiderm that is about 15 cm with and over it I use 10 cm short-stretch bandages on the lower leg and wider bandages further up. Do you think the problem could be your technique or that you should wrap tighter?