Saturday, 26 May 2012


It is very hot and summery at the moment where I am. Unusual with such temperatures in May. Even though it now comes with a bitter taste to it I do still love summer. The smells, the light, the sounds.
I have put my good friend, the spraybottle, in the fridge so when I come home having been outside in the heat I spray my leg (with stocking on) with the beautyful cool water. It is heavenly! It also provides a little extra compression as the fabric contracts.

Yesterday I brought out my summer clothes. My wardrobe is not very big so I put away the winter clothes during summer and vice versa in summer. I looked at some long dresses and skirts I have, they are very old but I tried them on and found a few that I could definitely wear with some hi-top sneakers. If I ever get around to get them. Will bring pictures of outfits when it happens.

I have lots of ideas for posts and a few drafts I'm working on, stay tuned. I wish I had time and energy to write more often.

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