Saturday, 19 May 2012

Harem pants

The other day I ordered these really light berberpants/harempants. I am thinking they will be good for summer. They are a sort of mix between a skirt and trousers/pants. With them I can feel that I am wearing summerwear, and I imagine they will feel cool as well. Perhaps a pair of high Converse sneakers would go well with them, what do you think?
I have ordered them in white and I am wondering what to do as my two compression stockings are both black. Perhaps I could get some white or nude leggings. Only thing is I don't need more layers on the leg than absolute nessesary, but the dark compression stocking would show through the thin fabric. They won't get here until July so I have time to work out what to do.


  1. Wow, I just found your blog while looking for lymphedema footwear. I am so frustrated with lymphedema. I love thus skirt/pants you found. I totally get the "too many layers" thing. It is so uncomfortable wearing pants over compression. Especially if you wear the whole stocking like me. Mine are skintone though. I do think black will look funny under that skirt. I also have primary, or so they say....diagnosed about 4-5 years ago. I am 44. My family is always giving me a hard time about how I dress, and my mother can't seem to understand why I have to get the shoes first and dress around them. I also have back problems since I was 17 so my shoes need arch support, and now I have rashes and fungus nails from compression and I don't want to show my toes. I'm seeing a podiatrist about the fungus and a lymphedem specialist about therapy which I might start in September. Apparently they can massage the fluid out (long, tedious,and not sure how long it lasts. Oh well. Good luck with your skirt. I have to find a dress for my brothers wedding I might look for a similar style in a more formal fabric. Heck maybe I'll go buy a sari and completely hide under it. Lol. Do you have kids?

    1. Hi Shrek-leg, welcome to my blog, I'm glad you found me :-)
      I can't believe your family is giving you a hard time about clothing! If they only knew what we go through! It is a nightmare, especially this time of year. I wish they were more understanding and supporting. It is not like you chose this!
      I have started buying shoes in two different sizes, only thing is the price so I look for sales or just cheaper shoes.
      I hope you find a nice outfit for the wedding. I just had a quick look at, they have loads of beautyful maxidresses right now, and at affordable prices too, check them out!
      Great that you might get the massage (Manual Lymphatic Drainage), it is really nice. It does work but one still needs the compression stocking. It is good maintainance.
      No, no kids. You?

    2. Hi, I also just found this blog a few weeks ago. It's wonderful for me because just about every other blog out there is only filled with bad news, and nobody gives suggestions for clothing, exercise and trying to actually live a life with this condition! I'm 50 and have primary in one leg, diagnosed a bit over a year ago. I live in Japan which gives some interesting views on it all - there are definitely cultural differences on dealing with illness!

    3. Hi Elaine, thanks for the kind words, they are much appreciated. I sometimes wonder if my post are boring as it is just my daily life with this, the struggles that we all go through, but perhaps this is why people can relate to it. Knowing there are others out there with this means a lot.
      I've been to Japan a couple of times, loving it, wanting to go back. I wonder what they think of Lymphedema overthere and how they deal with it. I'd also like to know if the Chinese have some secret ways of treating it, although I am afraid not.

    4. My therapist trained in Austria and England, so in that sense her responses are pretty mainstream. The interesting things are what each culture cannot live without. Everybody is warning about no hot baths...but here, they say "just as long as you don't stay in long." You can't tell a Japanese person they can never have a hot bath, go in a hot spring and so on! (I have followed this because I too can't stand the thought and while I keep them very short, and no more sauna, I don't think it's hurt me so far.) And trying to avoid salt here is hard - nobody ever says "have a low-salt diet."

      As for any kind of secret treatments, my therapist isn't down on the idea of trying some acupuncture - not in the affected leg, of course. I haven't gotten around to doing it but might - some kinds of acupuncture do help routine swelling, apparently, which a lot of Japanese women worry about. Anybody out there tried acupuncture?

    5. Hi Elaine, you are right, probably no use telling a Japanese to not have hot baths, I tried some indoor onsen (isn't it onsen?) a couple of times when there, it was wonderful - and I used to love taking hot baths at home but that's a no-no for me now as I passed out after my last hot bath and don't fancy taking that risk again.
      It seems some arm-lymphers have good results from acupuncture. I tried 14 times with no result what so ever. Later I learned that the affected leg should be avoided... I won't be making another attempt as I am terrified of triggering another "outbreak" of lymphedema in a so far healthy limb.

    6. Ha yes, if you've passed out that's a good reason to avoid such hot baths. My favorite onsen (alas, now in a place I can't get to easily) had a nice lukewarm tub along with the hot one, so I'd dip briefly in the warm one and then luxuriate in the cooler one - which was made of only cedar wood, so very nice. I actually almost thought that weekends of onsen and exercise were helping my leg, but it was probably the exercise more than the onsen. Sigh.

      Do you have a problem with your stocking bunching behind your knee? I'm trying all kinds of things but can't seem to avoid that. With summer coming, relief would be nice...

    7. Hi Elaine,
      a tub made of cedar wood sounds luxurious!
      Well, I make sure to pull up my stocking every time I go to the bathroom during the day, then I don't have trouble with bulking behind the knee.
      It is heating up again over here so I have my spray bottle ready in the fridge to spray my leg and I have also invested in some really light weight trousers. I find that long skirts provide more air to the legs.

  2. Yes, I have 3 kids so it's a little dificult to try to take care if myself. I decided to wait until September to start the therapy because then my little one (who has autism) will begin school. Also it won't be quite as hot so the bandages will be more tolerable. A recent goal of mine was to run 3 5k's this spring but I ran into trouble training and wasn't able to do the first two; the third is on Saturday and I will be walking instead of running with the 3 year old in the stroller. My left leg ( my lymphedema was mostly in the right) started swelling after running and both legs began to feel like they were going to explode when I tried to run with compression. Funny thing is, when I first started to train the swelling appeared to be getting much better. Now I am worried that I actually made it much worse. Anyway, I intend to keep running, but I'll have to take it a bit slower. I am very used to doing a lot of outdoor things with the kids and this shrek-leg thing is really cramping my style. I've gained about 20 pounds because I've been pretty house bound while the little one gets therapy and now I really need to get moving again and get the weight off. She has about 6-8 hours of therapy a day so it's difficult to fit in exercise and I usually have to take her with me when I do. Thanks for the tip about I will check it out. Good luck dealing with the heat. It's been horribly hot and humid here too (NY).

    1. Hi again, Shrek-leg. You certainly have enough on your plate as it is so perhaps a good idea to will until September. And like you say, it is hot enough as it is during summer but with bandages, omg! It is great that you are determined to keep exercising despite Lymphedema. We must not let it stop us from doing the things we want. Also, I think excercise is good for us as it keeps the fluid mobile. I cycle and walk a lot and I also have a mini rebounder that I sometimes use.
      Luckily June seems to be getting quite Lymphedema friendly where I am, that's a relief. Summer really isn't our favourite time of year...