Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Brunch with Tina

Brunch with Sophisticated Tina went well. It was good to see her. I am glad I have met her. She is about ten years older than me, but it doesn't matter. The first time I went to the patient weekend I dreaded it a little as I knew most of them would be women with Lymphedema due to breastcancer and therefore most likely a fair bit older than me, but once I got there and had adjusted – Lymphedema was all new to me and everything was a mess – I had a good time. It didn't - and still doesn't matter that we are of different ages, because we deal with the same things, we have the same worries and the same challenges. Lymphers older than us may even have more experience with Lymphedema than us.

Anyway, Tina was looking very stylish in some relatively tight trousers, boots – not long, not short, somewhere in between, a dressy t-shirt and a blazer. She had taken the good leg of the trousers in so it was sitting the same way on both legs and I tell you, no one would ever guess anything was wrong. Tina might see it herself, afterall we are our own worst critics, aren't we, but I didn't see anything. I doo think her calf might be smaller than mine though.

I am excited because I might be able to share pairs of shoes with her. We both have Lymphedema on the right leg, but she has smaller feet than me and wears a left 5 and a right 6 and I wear a left 6 and a right 7 – we can split the size 6 pair!! Wouldn't that be fantastic!

I think she shops a lot. She has many boots, shoes, sneakers etc., all in two different sizes. She has bought them over many years though.

Her look was spotless with nice, stylish hair, funky glasses and a nice make-up. I want her glasses. Hang on, I use contacts... Doesn't matter, I still want them ;-)

My knee-high arrived yesterday. Not looking forward to wearing it, I fear the bones near my toes will not tolerate it, but we will see.

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