Monday, 28 May 2012

The knee-high

I have finally worn my knee-high compression stocking to put over the thigh-high. It wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be, in fact I barely felt it. I may start using it more when sitting down a lot. I notice that my good foot (not all that great anymore) doesn't like when I sit still and so I find it logic that the bad leg doesn't either.

It must be around this time three years ago my Lymphedema started. I have made a change in the "about me" section overhere to the right, as it felt a little depressing everytime I updated it to yet another six months with Lymphedema. This way I don't have to worry about it and people can still figure out how long I have had it.

Yesterdays outfit: The new trousers I got on sale recently, haven't worn them until yesterday. They are so comfy, the material is so light and great for summer and the ends fold just the way I like it. Stylists may advice against it but I like it and until I get those darn high-top sneakers this will have to do. I don't think my legs look enormous like in that other post recently with the widelegged jeans.
The sneakers I'm wearing are some really cheap ones I got in two different sizes, 38 for the good foot, 39 for the bad. No one can tell.

Saturday, 26 May 2012


It is very hot and summery at the moment where I am. Unusual with such temperatures in May. Even though it now comes with a bitter taste to it I do still love summer. The smells, the light, the sounds.
I have put my good friend, the spraybottle, in the fridge so when I come home having been outside in the heat I spray my leg (with stocking on) with the beautyful cool water. It is heavenly! It also provides a little extra compression as the fabric contracts.

Yesterday I brought out my summer clothes. My wardrobe is not very big so I put away the winter clothes during summer and vice versa in summer. I looked at some long dresses and skirts I have, they are very old but I tried them on and found a few that I could definitely wear with some hi-top sneakers. If I ever get around to get them. Will bring pictures of outfits when it happens.

I have lots of ideas for posts and a few drafts I'm working on, stay tuned. I wish I had time and energy to write more often.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Harem pants

The other day I ordered these really light berberpants/harempants. I am thinking they will be good for summer. They are a sort of mix between a skirt and trousers/pants. With them I can feel that I am wearing summerwear, and I imagine they will feel cool as well. Perhaps a pair of high Converse sneakers would go well with them, what do you think?
I have ordered them in white and I am wondering what to do as my two compression stockings are both black. Perhaps I could get some white or nude leggings. Only thing is I don't need more layers on the leg than absolute nessesary, but the dark compression stocking would show through the thin fabric. They won't get here until July so I have time to work out what to do.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My flight exercises

Yay! The other day a reader asked me to send the PDF-file of my in-flight tips and exercises. The first person who's asked. Actually, when I first wrote the guide here on the blog I thought "I'll make the PDF-file real soon so I'm prepared if anyone asks" but I never did, until now. So now I have it, if anyone is interested. It is the same info as here on the blog but you can print the PDF-file and take it with you.
Contact me on if you want one.
Update: Download the PDF-file here.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mobiderm bandage

I was gonna leave for Spain to go on my big walk today but I have decided to postpone it. Dad went into hospital last week and have had an angioplasty. What a scare. He is fine now, almost running around like before and I suppose I could have gone but he only came home yesterday and even though he is good I don't feel like going at this time. I just want to be near him. Not so much for if something happens but because I love him and feel grateful that he is still here.
I had chosen this time of year very carefully for the trip to avoid the heat due to the compression stocking. Perhaps I can go come autumn. Or next year. I don't mind not going. For the time being I'd rather be home with Dad.

My knee-high compression stocking to wear over the thigh-high when working has arrived but I haven't tried it yet. Don't really want to, but as it is meant to bring my calf down I guess I better give it a go.
I have also recieved the Mobiderm bandage below to use when I wrap my leg – or my therapist does. The little foam squares creates a pressure differential between where the squares are and the surrounding area which provides mobility in the tissue. It softens it up so the pressure from the short stretch bandages can work even more effectively, and also the stocking during the day. It provides good conditions for the microcirculation.
I got it from my fitter. It comes in a couple of lengths and widths and also in a half or full leg boot/stocking to use during the night. This one I got is 10cm by 3meters. It goes over the stockinette/tubegauze and under cotton and shortstretch bandages. I am to wear it on the lower leg. My therapist have sometimes used one on me, it is very good. Here you can see it applied on a lower leg.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Brunch with Tina

Brunch with Sophisticated Tina went well. It was good to see her. I am glad I have met her. She is about ten years older than me, but it doesn't matter. The first time I went to the patient weekend I dreaded it a little as I knew most of them would be women with Lymphedema due to breastcancer and therefore most likely a fair bit older than me, but once I got there and had adjusted – Lymphedema was all new to me and everything was a mess – I had a good time. It didn't - and still doesn't matter that we are of different ages, because we deal with the same things, we have the same worries and the same challenges. Lymphers older than us may even have more experience with Lymphedema than us.

Anyway, Tina was looking very stylish in some relatively tight trousers, boots – not long, not short, somewhere in between, a dressy t-shirt and a blazer. She had taken the good leg of the trousers in so it was sitting the same way on both legs and I tell you, no one would ever guess anything was wrong. Tina might see it herself, afterall we are our own worst critics, aren't we, but I didn't see anything. I doo think her calf might be smaller than mine though.

I am excited because I might be able to share pairs of shoes with her. We both have Lymphedema on the right leg, but she has smaller feet than me and wears a left 5 and a right 6 and I wear a left 6 and a right 7 – we can split the size 6 pair!! Wouldn't that be fantastic!

I think she shops a lot. She has many boots, shoes, sneakers etc., all in two different sizes. She has bought them over many years though.

Her look was spotless with nice, stylish hair, funky glasses and a nice make-up. I want her glasses. Hang on, I use contacts... Doesn't matter, I still want them ;-)

My knee-high arrived yesterday. Not looking forward to wearing it, I fear the bones near my toes will not tolerate it, but we will see.