Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New trousers

The other week I got these new trousers. They are quite long so the legs sort of folds over the ends so they don't show, I quite like that. They were very reduced because they are from last year, but who cares.

They look kind of stiff but are quite soft. Good quality. And the price was right.

I am thinking a pair of high, white Converse sneakers would look funky with them. In fact, they would be handy for a long skirt or dress too now that summer is approaching. Only thing is they are quite pricey overhere, and I would need two pairs. I am looking at online marketplaces for unused pairs, perhaps with a little luck I could find a pair - or two.

Today, yesterday and the day before I have been to physio therapy, getting MLD and being wrapped. Later today I am going to the fitter to have measurements for the knee-high taken.

Sunday I am having brunch with Sophisticated Tina, really looking forward to hanging out with her. I will let you know what she was wearing ;-)

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