Saturday, 14 April 2012

Going pilgrim

I am going for a walk. A long one.

El Camino de Santiago de Compostela. For over a thousand years millions of pilgrims have walked here in search of the truth. In search of forgiveness. Cleansing. They have walked across northern Spain to the city of Santiago de Compostela to visit the cathedral where the remains of Saint James – one of the twelve apostles – is said to be burried.
Legend has it that the Camino establishes connection to the deepest layers of life. It is known for its supernatural and spiritual powers. The route allegedly lies exactly under the Milkyway which is said to enrichen the route as well as the pilgrims with a special energy. 
Will I find the truth? Will I find faith and the spiritual dimension? There are no guarantees but the Camino is said, in mysterious ways, to change the walkers for ever...

I will be starting in a small town shortly after Burgos.

There are many pilgrim routes that all lead to Santiago. The one I am doing starts on the French side of the Pyrenees and adds up more than 800 kilometers but I am choosing to start roughly midway, about 400 kilometers (248.5 miles) from Santiago. If time and legs allow I'd like to furthermore walk the 100 kilometers to Finisterre on the Atlantic, that bit is supposively very beautyful. I haven't booked a returnflight but I am counting on about three weeks which works out averagely 20 kilometer per day. That's four-five hours. 25 km per day if including Finisterre. That should be possible once I get going. Some pilgrims walk up to 40-50 km a day, but I think most walk around 30.
I have started training, gradually working my way up to more and more kilometers. At the moment I walk about 12-14 km two or three times a week. It's been going fine so far. I wear my good old pack, the one I will be taking on the journey. At the moment I think I've got 3-4 kilos in it but also the weight is to be increased before I take off mid May. I expect to take 6-7 kg plus water and a little food. And I have got some good hiking boots. They were very reduced and so I bought two pairs, one size for each foot. For hiking I think it is important that they fit perfectly. Mine are near enough.

I am looking forward to my trip. I can feel that it is time for me to go away for a bit and clear my head. Just walk. Do some thinking and hopefully get to the point where there are no more thoughts to think. Mindfullnes.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing journey, you probably hear this a lot, but I'm just going to say one more time... you are an inspiration of me!! Don't ever let the lymphie leg stop you from doing what you like. I'm getting there myself, still struggling and with ups and downs, adjusting to every season. Have fun and always keep in mind it's the journey not the destination. All the best!

  2. Hello NBV.
    Thanks for saying I am an inspiration! Actually, I don't hear it all that much, but when I do I think "what - litttle me?" :-) With this blog I feel I am shouting "hello - is anybody there" into the Lymphedema department of cyberspace and so it is so wonderful when people respond.
    Yes, life with Lymphedema certainly is a life with ups and downs and I too struggle with adjusting to different seasons, as well as all to the other things that comes with this.
    The other day when another lympher said to me (about my trip) "can you really do that with your leg and all?" I thought maybe I am crazy and imprudent. I will do it though but with care. It's been going fine with training so far.
    Warm regards.