Monday, 12 March 2012

Update on my nightgarment

I have had my Jovipak nightgarment nearly three months now and I've been wearing it every night except when washing it. It takes 36 hours or so to dry.
There is not much difference to detect. The tissue in my calf is a little softer but the size has not gone down. I think the garment is too loose. I have been wearing it with 4-5 rolls of short stretch bandages over it to add more compression but even that doesn't seem to make any difference.
I have made an appointment with my fitter next week to see what he says. He sells another garment too, a Mobiderm night boot. Perhaps that will be better for me. The Jovipak is very padded and can be a little hot during the night, I think the Mobiderm is lighter.

For a while I've been wanting to share this song with you. Check it out. It's from last years season of a Danish show similar to Idol. The way this version is performed really brings out the beauty of the lyrics. I never realized how beautyful this song really was before I heard this. It is a cover of another alternative version, but quite different. Almost hauting, I feel. Anyway, I hope you like it. There is some talking first, the song starts at 0:40.

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