Saturday, 25 February 2012

Salt with reduced sodium

Here comes some apparently old news which nevertheless has only just reached me: Salt with reduced sodium exists. Salt is not just salt, salt is made of many types of salt. One of them is sodium and sodium seems to be the bad guy that binds the fluid in the body and therefore not the best friend of us with Lymphedema. The diet poll here on the blog shows that a majority experience a worsening of their Lymphedema when consuming salt. Although staying away from salt altogether is probably the best option I wonder if this is a sensible alternative to those who can't go without it?

Overhere there are a couple of reduced sodum salts on the market, I imagine it would be avalable in most countries.

Furthermore, although soy sauce is very salty it contains 40% less sodium than ordinary salt and so can be advantageously used for some things instead of salt. I am not sure about fish sauce which is used in the Thai and Vietnamese kitchens instead of salt, could very well be.

If you have any wisdom on this subject, please consider placing a comment.

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