Friday, 3 February 2012

Oz alert!

It was either this guy or a jar of
Vegemite. Despite his nature I find
him more userfriendly ;-)
My Top 2 Australian songs:

No. 1: My really good Aussie friend that I met on my first trip Down Under once send me a tape he had put together for me. It's been many years now and I used to like this song back then too but especially in recent years it has really grabbed me and I keep going back to it, reflecting on the lyrics, wondering about the lives of those who made it back from "Nam". Do check it out.

No. 2: Once upon a time (1997) I worked as an orangepicker in a place called Leeton, Australia. We were a big group of backpackers from around the world and I had the time of my life. In the shack where we lived there was an old recordplayer and a few LP's. One of them was one with hits from 1983. We would play it over and over again. My favourite was this great song and the other day when I heard a Pat Benetar song that was also on that record I remembered "my song" and thought that by now it must be possible to find it online. And it was. Have a listen. Good video too ;-)

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