Saturday, 25 February 2012

Salt with reduced sodium

Here comes some apparently old news which nevertheless has only just reached me: Salt with reduced sodium exists. Salt is not just salt, salt is made of many types of salt. One of them is sodium and sodium seems to be the bad guy that binds the fluid in the body and therefore not the best friend of us with Lymphedema. The diet poll here on the blog shows that a majority experience a worsening of their Lymphedema when consuming salt. Although staying away from salt altogether is probably the best option I wonder if this is a sensible alternative to those who can't go without it?

Overhere there are a couple of reduced sodum salts on the market, I imagine it would be avalable in most countries.

Furthermore, although soy sauce is very salty it contains 40% less sodium than ordinary salt and so can be advantageously used for some things instead of salt. I am not sure about fish sauce which is used in the Thai and Vietnamese kitchens instead of salt, could very well be.

If you have any wisdom on this subject, please consider placing a comment.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Leg wedge pillow

A kind reader here on the blog send me a link to a cushion designed to elevate the legs. I couldn't open the link but when I image-googled, using the search term I could see was used to find the link, up came a number of very interesting cushions. I have been dreaming about a cushion like this one. I used the words wedge elevate legs. Thanks Wendy!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


These are my tools that I use to shape my foot or to protect my sensitive spots when I wrap my leg or use my nightgarment. I never used to think I had bony feet. Both my mum and my littlebrother have a big bump sticking out next to their big toe though. I didn't but perhaps I was prone to this afterall.
I'm demonstrating on my good foot as some of you may be trying to keep your dinner down ;-) Kidding, it's not that bad.
The padding is held in place by cotton or gauze, you will see on one of the pictures.
My therapist made me these tools and she too uses them when she wraps my leg.

I use these "L's" around the bones near the ankle to maintain
some shape in the area as the fluid tends to build up here.

Like this. The pad is a little torn on the surface because I first
tried tape to attach it to my ankle when using it with my nightgarment.
Now I use gauze or cotton to hold it in place.

These two rings are made of the same material,
I turned one over to show how they look on the other side.
The bumpy side goes on the skin.

Like this. It can be a little tricky placing the rings while wrapping the gauze
over but I'm getting better. How dry and wrinkled my foot looks.
It had just been released after a long day in the shoe.

These are some new rings I bought the other day.

On the package it reads "pressure relieving rings".

Below I have made the hole a little tiny bit bigger and glued two rings together to make the padding higher. So far it has worked allright but I must take great care to place it very precisely or I can be sure to wake up in pain, rushing to tear the lot off.

These two pads are also made of the same material,
I turned one over to show how it looks on the other side.
The "canals" enables the fluid to travel away from the desired area.

I use them to put extra pressure on the forefoot.
I sometimes put the other pad same place but under the foot.

My foot with a ring on each side plus a pad on top, all held in place by gauze.

A kind reader of this blog send me picures of some "anklewheels" that her therapist made her. I showed the pictures to my therapist and she made me some. They are to go on top of the bones near the ankle, I don't know the English term. The "canals" allows the fluid to be lead away. They are quite good. Thank you, Sandra.

My anklewheels. About 8mm high.
The canals should probably be a little wider but one can work on that.

The wheels are to go over the stockinette but when I use
the nightgarment I don't use a stockinette and just put the wheels
directly on the skin, holding it in place with cotton or gauze.

That was it. Is this how other patients do it too? I wonder if these paddings are available to buy readymade anywhere online. I got the foamrings in a beautyshop similiar to Boots but they don't cater for Lymphedema patients specifically and really only had those rings.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Oz alert!

It was either this guy or a jar of
Vegemite. Despite his nature I find
him more userfriendly ;-)
My Top 2 Australian songs:

No. 1: My really good Aussie friend that I met on my first trip Down Under once send me a tape he had put together for me. It's been many years now and I used to like this song back then too but especially in recent years it has really grabbed me and I keep going back to it, reflecting on the lyrics, wondering about the lives of those who made it back from "Nam". Do check it out.

No. 2: Once upon a time (1997) I worked as an orangepicker in a place called Leeton, Australia. We were a big group of backpackers from around the world and I had the time of my life. In the shack where we lived there was an old recordplayer and a few LP's. One of them was one with hits from 1983. We would play it over and over again. My favourite was this great song and the other day when I heard a Pat Benetar song that was also on that record I remembered "my song" and thought that by now it must be possible to find it online. And it was. Have a listen. Good video too ;-)