Monday, 9 January 2012

Style Consultation #3

Even though my Style Consultation started a bit dodgy as she put me into a hidious, long knit dress that brought out my not flat tummy and a couple of baggy jumpsuits that made me look like parachutejumper sack-of-potatoes hybrid I am glad I went and I will go again, perhaps when the Summer sale starts. One of my Christmas pressies was a voucher for that same departmentstore I went to, so I can use that next time.
I got some good tips and I took home some items that I would not have thought of or found myself. Good to get some new input and inspiration. I am sure many of you feel like I do about touring from shop to shop without finding anything that fits, especially these skinny-jeans days. I would recommend a Style Consultation if you can get to one, I think many big departmentstore do it for free.
Good news: The 70'ties style is coming back, widelegged items are ahead! 

The general tips the stylist gave me:
  • Spice things up with colours, ie white top, green cardi, dark trousers/pants. Contrasts make a more lively look.
  • Wear colours that match your eyes. My eyes are blue-green, she told me to wear the colours of the sea. I'm more into red though but will give it a try.
  • Look in the mirror from a distance. Most of us stand fairly close to the mirror but try to move the mirror to a place where you can stand from a distance, it makes a big difference. Looking from a short distance makes us look bigger than we are and gives us a distorted image of ourselves. It may sound lame but it works, try it!
  • Set things off with accessories, ie a long necklace or a belt.

The tips that were more related to my leg challenge:
  • Shape your upper body by wearing short, tight cardigans. Emphasize a line at your slimmest point, your waist. That can be done by tucking the top down the trousers, wear a top in a colour different to the trousers and bringing attention to the area with a nice belt. I am thinking a fitted blazer will do the trick too. Lots of them in the new H&M spring collection. Leave the cardi or blazer open.
  • Tuck the trousers down into your boots to create a casual but fresh look. Tie the boots only loosely, this way the difference between the good and the bad leg doesn't show.
  • Wear legwarmers. Make them sit puffy and you can wear a skirt or dress that doesn't come all the way down.
If you have any tips on how to look good with Lymphedema any comments will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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