Monday, 12 December 2011

Under the same moon

Last night I was laying in my bed thinking. I was thinking of how many people from how many different countries is reading the blog. From the "engineroom" I can see that by now 87 countries from all parts of the world are or have been represented. That's a lot of countries. Lot of people. What if we could all meet...
We live in different worlds and have different lives but one thing connects us. Lymphedema. Even though we are far apart I somehow feel a connection. I imagined all of us going outside at the exact same time, looking up at the moon. We would be looking at the same moon and we would know that hundreds of others lymphers would be looking too, feeling comforted that we are not alone.


  1. Hello Lymphedema Girl. I'm not sure we've met on your blog before. I'm 62 and have managed primary lymphedema for 45 years. Wow, that seems like such a long time. You are fortunate to have such wonderful resources available to help you manage your LE. When I was 17 nobody had any idea what was wrong with my leg. Now I do my own massage and my own wrapping. You are right, the wrapping takes some time to get the fluid moving and noticeable results. Be patient. When I started my wrapping two years ago in May it took three weeks just to get the leg down to a measurable size. Then it took another year or so of periodic wrapping (every six months when it was time for a new garment I would wrap and re-measure a smaller leg) to get the leg to its present size. So keep it up. Don't go too tight (at night?!), follow your therapist's recommendations. I do like your diet poll and results and have never tracked my diet and its affect on LE - maybe I should watch that.
    I'll look up the shoe web sites, too. It's very hard to find shoes when I wrap my leg.
    Good luck.

  2. Hello JimmyTweed.
    Thanks you heaps for your comment and for reading my blog :-) The comments are what keeps me writing, so thank you.
    I felt sad learning that you have struggled with Lymphedema for so many years. However, it makes me glad to know that you have not given up and you still research, which is how you must have found my blog. Very positive that you have seen so good results from wrapping.
    Wrapping is an artform.... The last three nights I've been able to keep the wrappings on all night and my leg is looking a little better.
    The dietpoll results keep getting more and more interesting as a clearer picture is forming.
    Yes, finding shoes is a hassle, grrrrr! I hope you will find some. When wrapped during the day I wear my old trekking sandals on which I have had the straps made longer, that works well.
    I wish you luck.