Sunday, 18 December 2011

Style Consultation #2

First, sorry about the really lousy picutures of myself. I took them with selftimer and they are indeed not very good, even having photoshopped them. Anyway, I hope you can still see something.
I got two pairs of trousers. One grey, one black, both by Principle (Debenhams). They are both very widelegged, especially the blacks. I loooove the thin leather belt on the grey ones. They are very well priced, only 43USD/28GBP and 63USD/41GBP, which I think is pretty good, especially the grey ones, they are quite stylish, good material and well made. I also got three tops, two cardigans and a belt. And the boots of course. The tops, trousers and cardis can all mix and match, very practical.

The stylist wanted me to tuck the trousers into the boots, just loosely. Something in me finds it strange to do that with dressy trousers and streetwear boots, but the more I think about it and look at the pictures, the more I m getting used to the idea. If the boots are tied loosely there is no difference to see from the good leg to the bad.

She made a point of emphasising my waist with short cardigans and sleeves pulled up to create a horizontal line where my figure is slimmest. That makes sense when having to wear baggy trousers.

Short and tight green cardi from Mango.

Black trousers from Debenhams. Zip in the side
and waistband acting as a belt.

My favourite: Dark grey trousers from Debenhams.
Comes with thin leather belt.

My other favourite: The super cool dark-orange belt (Pieces),
I think it goes really well with the creme top and jeans.

To come: My notes on the tips I got from the stylist.

Finally, I want to share this beautyful Christmas song with you, how can one not get in the spirit with this classic, performed by the legend? Here in Copenhagen we had snow today, yay!

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