Saturday, 8 October 2011


I'm feeling a little down today. Various thing that has happened lately. There are times where it really doesn't take much to throw me. I went to a posh bar last night in a posh part of town, filled with posh people. Felt so out of place. So much superficiality. Especially the young men were acting cocky and full of themselves. Statistically I guess there could have been one other person in that bar with Lymphedema, but really, I don't think so. Sometimes I wonder what posh people, say celebs do, if they get Lymphedema.

I need to find out where I belong now. I move in very different circles at the moment – the tai chi class, the walking group, the club I've joined that does charity and business related networking.

As I was sitting here feeling really low a sweet comment to the shoeguide ticked in and I felt so warm inside. Knowing there are others out there with Lymphedema, people that can relate to and use the things I write about comforts me. When people tell me they are glad they found my blog I feel honored and grateful. One can feel so alone with this, but I guess you know about that.

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