Friday, 14 October 2011

Note on post about dressing like a LymphADiva

I knew there was something I was missing in the post about dressing like a LymphADiva, and now I know what. I wanted to say that even though Lymphedema is a curse and it gives us grief when dressing up (and other times), it does provide us with an opportunity to wear something different. Something that the other guests may not have thought of. That can be a good thing, I feel.
I was the only one with my type of dress at the wedding I went to recently.
People that don't know we have Lymphedema may simply think "wow, cool dress, don't see that style very often".
We may not be able to wear the latest fashion, but we can still look gorgeous. And glamourous.

It's not me on the picture and not my dress, but I wish it was. Talk about wow-factor! She probably hasn't but for all we know this model could have severe Lymphedema in both legs.

I've got this beautyful song in my head today.

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