Saturday, 15 October 2011

More Lymphedema?

Late last night when I was back from my brothers Birthday party and was going to bed my ankle on the good leg was rather swollen! I was devestated, I still am.
Last summer and this summer too I have noticed that the skin on the big bones on the ankel would be a little tiny bit swollen come evening, but I've put it down to normal heat swelling, that I believe many people have, especially when a little older than first youth, but what I saw and felt last night was more than that. I pressed my finger into the swollen tissue and there would be a hole. Also, when stretching the foot it felt sort of tight. I had been wearing some very flat ballerinas with no support and I had been sitting down for most of the day and evening, but still, I am afraid that can't justify it. I couldn't believe it and I am in tears of frustration and sorrow that I might be getting Lymphedema in one more leg. As I lay down to sleep I cried and prayed that it would not be Lymphedema.

This morning it looked itself again although it seemed the skin on the forefoot was a tiny bit more firm than usual. I am still frustrated and scared and desperate and sad. I want to call Mum and Dad to be comforted, but how can I, they will be so sad when I tell them. When something happens to me it happens to them too because I am their child. Being a parent never stops, especially for mine. We are a closeknitted family. But how can I keep it inside? Other people get fed up with what they see as whining in no time and seems to think one should just get on with it. They don't understand.

Yesterday before the party I went to my parents and I washed one of my two stockings in their washingmachine, but forgot to take it, and they live too far from me to go get it today. I realized my mistake on the way home, so when I came home I quickly rinsed the one I had been wearing and rolled it up in a towel. Sadly, I was so tired and forgot about it so this morning there was no stocking to put on, it was still sitting in the towel. What to do? I wrapped the foot and lower leg and as soon as the stocking is dry enough I will put it on. It is the most beautyful weather outside and I want to go for a ride on my bike. Also have to go to the library and pick up a book I've reserved.

I looked nice in my new palazzo trousers.

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