Monday, 3 October 2011


We are having the most beautyful and warm autumn weather, the other day was as much as 25°C! The colours of the leaves are magnificent, the picture is from an old hospital I sometimes pass through on my way home. I love that summer is over, here comes months of more Lymphedemafriendly temperatures and outfits!

My application for the LymphaPress Mini has come through, and I am going to get it soon, so that's good. I've also just applied for the JoviPak nightgarment as well as new compression stockings. This time I am hoping to get four stockings and four toecaps. I've only got two now and it really isn't enough.

The blue palazzo's has arrived, they are nice and indeed widelegged. I will have to shorten them quite a bit and I'm thinking maybe I can make some sort of little scarf from the left over fabric to go with it.

I have started October by eating glutenfree, I am planning to do it for at least 13 days, perhaps more. I want to see if it has any effect what so ever on the Lymphedema. There are many things I'd like to try, but it needs to be at times where nothing else is going on with the leg such as new stockings, nightgarment, wrapping etc. to see if it works, and it has to be a time with a minimum of outings that includes meals as I don't want to be the one who can't eat anything or has to explain why I am on this diet. Now is the time. Later this month I am going to have a big wrapping session before being measured for new stockings and nightgarment and I also have some social outings coming up.
I've got some glutenfree porridge and müsli that I thought I could have for breakfast. The porridge was horrible though, so I immediately moved on to the müsli, which was better. Today I got some not very interesting white bread, but it was edible. Last night I made a lovely cauliflower soup with shrimps.

I have published a little Lymphedema Shoeguide. It's not much, but if it helps just one, that's good too. If you have any input, please leave a comment on the page.


  1. Hi, I just found your blog through the LymphedemaCommunity. I have also wondered if eating a gluten free diet would help - it is worth a try to see. I'll be checking back in to see if it has helped you.

  2. Hi there, welcome – and thanks for reading :-)
    Yes, it shall be interesting to see if somethings comes out of this.
    A while back I was contacted by a woman who periodically suffered from a swollen leg as a child, but noticed that it stopped when she quit gluten. It's worth a try.