Thursday, 22 September 2011


Update (Jan 2012): The company mentioned below is no longer operating. Bummer. 

My Goodness, I was having a little break here at work (ahem...) sniffing around on the net and I found this US shop where they sell pairs of shoes in different sizes – one shoe in one size, the other in another!!! This is a dream come true for lymphedema patients, isn't it? As if that wasn't enough, one can choose between a medium and wide within each size! I am about to fall off my chair!
Anyway, just had to share this ASAP. See what you think. Better get on with work, boss is back!

Update: Unfortunately they don't ship to outside continental America, but perhaps they are willing to consider this, who knows. Apparently there are 140-250 million people suffering from Lymphedema worldwide. Anyway, at least it is good news for American readers.

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