Tuesday, 13 September 2011

LymphaPress Optimal

Before my holiday I had the LymphaPress Optimal to test and I managed to try it six times. Here goes:

The pump has two functions, actually four:
  • Gradient 
  • PreTherapy + Gradient 
  • Wave 
  • PreTherapy + Wave
PreTherapy is a feature that sort of "clears a path" for better drainage during the treatment itself (Gradient or Wave). PreTherapy takes about 8-9 minutes before the pump moves on to the desired program, Gradient or Wave.
  • I have been running it between 45 and 60 minutes, pressure 40-50 and I've tried both programs, incl. PreTherapy. 
  • Common to all days was that the foot and ankle were not drained nearly as good as with the LymphaPress Mini I tried previously.
  • The Gradient program seemed a little bit more effective than Wave as it maintains the pressure while the next chambers are filled. 
  • Both programs operate in a very choppy manner. In the Wave program every other pump is very short, the other a little bit longer. On Gradient the pumps is more or less of the same duration.
Before and after each session I would measure my leg three places on the lower leg and three at the upper leg. The result was surprising, about half of the measurements had gone up, the rest a little bit down. As I mentioned the other day I have now applied for a LymphaPress Mini. I hope it comes through. I am still not all that hooked on the velcro boot, I am not sure it is tight enough and fits properly. Will try and get the one with a zipper.

The red cargo pants I ordered a little while back was a disappointment. The fabric was very light, too light for this style, the legs weren't straight and they were a little too tight on the bum, which I don't think this style should be.

Things are starting to be more normal again after a busy time at work, my holiday and preparation for the poxy wedding. This week I've got a couple of things I am looking forward to. I am attending a meeting where a controversial, but cool politician from Parliament will speak, and the next day is a big day – election day. It looks like were might be getting a new goverment, but it is all up in the air. Lots can happen still. Whatever happens it is a day to celebrate. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have the freedom to choose.

In this country we have had coalition goverments for donkeys years (great expression, isn't it...), and so we will again.
Our Parliament: On the left wing we have a very left-wing party called Enhedslisten (the Red-Green Alliance). Because the conservatives have messed up and thus reduced so much in recent years this party is now bigger than them! Then we have the Socialistic Peoples Party, then the Social Democrats. In the middle we have two centerparties – Liberal Alliance and the Social Liberals. On the right wing there is the Liberals and a horrible nationalistic party. And the Conservatives, of course. Beyond the Conservatives is where the US Democrats start. I was quite surprised, when I first learnt that.

At the moment it looks like it will be a coalition between the Socialists, the Democrats and the Social Liberals, perhaps relying on the Red-Green Alliance (not sure). The leader of the pack – sorry, Democrats – is a woman, so perhaps we will have our first female Prime Minister ever. Great song, by the way.

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