Friday, 16 September 2011

JoviPak nightgarment

Yesterday I went to the prostegist to talk about a nightgarment. They had the JoviPak, and that's the one I am going to apply for. I had it wrong about putting new compression stockings on hold until I got the nightgarment and letting that do it's thing, I actually have to be wrapped and get the edema down as much as possible before being measured for the JoviPak nightgarment. I will now make appointments with my lymphedema therapist about a big wrapping session, leading to measuring for stockings and nightgarment. I also have to go see my GP to get her to file for the nightgarment at the healthservice. Apparently the JoviPak nightgarment is well known and used in Norway.
What's the right word for the shop that makes compression garments, specialized footwear etc. – is it truss, prostegist or something else?

Yesterday was a good day for my country. The political situation have changed to the better and a decade of reversed Robin Hood has ended. New and better times are ahead, I feel.

I've ordered these stylish palazzo trousers from They were reduced from 40 to 12 GBP, but there was only size 12 left and as I believe that is my size I thought I'd better get them before they are gone. Good price. And great, dusty colour. I am sure they will look good with some sort of black top. Looking forward to recieving them, they are already on their way. Asos has free worldwide shipping.

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