Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dressing like a LymphA'DIVA

As most of the ladies here would know dressing up can be a challenge when having lymphedema. Though we may feel a need or want to cover up we can still look gorgeous. There are possibilities.

We need to focus on our good assets. I know what I haven't got – good legs. I haven't got a flat belly either. What I do have is a good collarbone, good shoulders, good hips, so I look for items that make these stand out and cover or tone down the not so good bits. I've always liked the idea of leaving a little for imagination anyway. This can be so much more elegant than a display of flesh, which I alltogether don't think is elegant.

These are some of the dresses I checked out when researching for something to wear for the wedding I went to earlier this month.

Green divadress from Goddiva. 48 GBP.

... also comes in stunning red. And other colours.
Halterneck with Balinese print, from Asos. 50 GBP. Now 35 GBP.
Red promdress from eBay. 57 USD.
Kimono style maxidress from eBay. 23 USD.
Turqoise flowerdress from FashionUnion. 40 GBP.
The one I ended up getting.

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